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10 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is not just a nuisance that makes your clothes tight or something that gives you weird bloated figure, but also a can be a major factor in type 2 diabetes or heart disease. It is also called visceral fat can burn up stress hormones and inflammatory substances from the body that inhibit the production of insulin. Knowing the health risk caused by belly fat, here are 10 best ways to lose it:

  • Eating Soluble fiber

Eating soluble fiber is vital in reducing belly fat. These fats mix with water in your body and form a gel that pass through your body slowly. A slow moving gel in your digestive track will take more room and make you feel full which will cause you to consume less quantity of other food.Be sure to increase your fiber intake if you wish to fight belly fat. Some examples of high fiber food include oat bran, nuts, barley, seeds, lentils,beans, peas, fruits and vegetables.

  • Abstain from foods that contains trans fat

Trans fats are formed when hydrogen is used to saturate oils like canola or olive oil (unsaturated oils). They are also found in some kinds of spreads and margarine. These trans fats are directly related to inflammation, insulin resistance, heart disease and abdominal fat gain. Eating trans fat means that you have a higher chance of getting more abdominal fat compared to people who don’t eat trans fatcontaining foods. It’s better to avoid them and for that you need to check labels on all packaged foods. They are also labelled as “partially hydrogenated fats”.

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  • Eating a high protein diet

Increasing protein intake can greatly help in controlling weight. Increase of protein means release of PYY hormone, which is also referred to as the fullness hormone. It increases or promoted fullness and decreases appetite. It also increases metabolism which reduces weight while retaining muscle mass. A study shows that people with a high protein diet have lesser body fat and abdominal fat than people who don’t take a lot of protein. High protein foods include fish, chicken, eggs, dairy and nuts.

  • Avoid junk food

We all love candy, chocolates, biscuits and other sweet treats over which our mouths water but the truth is that these treats that bring us joy are the same ones that are increasing our belly fat. They contribute to fat which is not just in the abdominal area but also all over the body, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. They consist of high calories which are difficult to burn off quickly and increase body at a very high speed so it is advisable to avoid junk or sweet foods if you want to get into shape.

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  • ecreasing your stress levels Decreasing your stress levels

Many people are easily stressed out very easily. These high stress levels in the body releases hormones that cause the body to look for stress relief activities. For a lot of people, stress relief is provided by eating. So they eat excessively and their abdominal fat increases very speedily. It is important to keep this in check by controlling your stress levels. Stress levels can be controlled by meditating, yoga, listening to music or taking a nap.

  • Exercises that involve running or jogging

Running or cardio is said to reduce fat very quickly. There is a reason that all athletes are always lean and in shape. Running speeds up the digestion process that in turn causes the person to lose belly fat so make a schedule and get up for an early morning jog and after some time you will notice the results with your own eyes. All you need is a pair of sneakers or joggers and sheer force of determination.

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  • Lift weights

Lifting weights or strength training, can greatly change your body shape. It is more intense than cardio and will exert a lot of pressure on your body. It not only shapes your body and decrease fat but also increases muscle mass which all the more reason to go to the gym and get a membership.

  • Use a waist slimmer belt

This may sound like advertising but waist slimmer belts are actually very amazing and can help in speedy reduction of abdominal fat. Waist slimmer belts are not very costly and easy to handle. Waist slimmer belts are very simple to use and do not take up much room.

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  • Sleep more

Getting less sleep can result in weight increase. A study shows that people who sleep more, have more control over their weight and are more energized. This is good news more most people out there who feel sleepy all the time.

  • Avoid sugary drinks

Sugary drinks, which include juices are just adding to the body weight and are very bad for health. It is vital to avoid them if you want a slim belly.

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