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3 Destinations, Perfect To Take A Quick Escape From Delhi

Living in the metropolitan at times tend to get tedious and monotonous. It is thus, there is a need of a break from the mundane life that rejuvenates the mind and body. If you are in Delhi, there are a couple of interesting destinations that you can visit. Read more to know some of the destinations.


Living in Delhi has its merits as well as demerits. The fact that the city is well-equipped with all the conveniences, facilities, comforts, and other amenities of modernity, simply cannot be overlooked. Being a bustling and vibrant metropolis in the country as well as the most important city, it is apt to state that the population living in Delhi has certain advantages that population living in other cities, including the major metropolises like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Kolkata, don’t have. However, it is also a commonly known fact that life in the city at some point of time tends to get monotonous and tedious. Especially, the individuals who are worn out of their unending work chores, be it their office chores or the personal chores. Although, there is always something, like an event, a festival, a fair, etc. going on, still a sizable amount of the total populace crave for some escapades where they can spend some time in peace and solace. For individuals wishing for a quick escape from the hustle bustle of the often chaotic and sometimes maddening city, there are a couple of interesting destinations that they can visit on the weekends. Given below are some of them:


It is the probably the first destination that strikes the mind when one thinks of a quick weekend getaway. Home to three highly illustrated tourist attractions of India, namely Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri, the city simply beats a majority of tourist destinations in terms of luring backpackers from across the globe. A visit to these three tourist spots is a must. Plus, there are several other hidden beauties and charms in the city’s store. Hire a Delhi to Agra cab, and get going to the city to get a taste of history, sumptuous food, and the quaint culture of central India.


It hasn’t been that long that Manesar became a prominent destination on India tourism map. In fact, if you turn back the pages of history, you will find out that Manesar was just a small sleepy village that was rustic in nature. However, things are very different today as with the passage of time, the place got highly modernized. Presently, the place’s tourism arsenal is full different plush hotels, exquisite restaurants, amusement parks, and different other glitz and glamour of modernity.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Distinguished as one of the most popular protected areas in the country, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is simply a bliss to the nature enthusiasts and individuals, who love bird-watching. It is home to more than 350 species of birds that adorn the natural splendor of the place. Find an escapade into the thick of nature, while you hear the sweet churning of the birds. Also, use the opportunity to visit the historic Lohagarh Fort that is situated in close proximity.

So that were three ideal escapades from Delhi to visit on the weekend. Other than these, if you have an upcoming holiday and love travelling across India, there are some wonderful destinations to visit; Chennai being one of the forerunners. Catch a flight Delhi to Chennai and get busy exploring the quaint attraction of the bustling South Indian city.

Author Bio: Sandeep is an experienced travel consultant, who enjoys travelling and loves to write about the destinations he has been to and shares his experience. He also writes about travel tips, world’s best holiday destinations, best hotels in a destination, travel packages, and flight information.

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