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4 Sneaky Mechanic Tricks You Need To Watch Out For

It is very difficult to hire the best car mechanic because you can find various car mechanics available in the market and you need to select the best one among them. For that you need to know about few things about your car spare parts. With this, you can easily detect the problem of your car or you can understand the mechanic’s conversation. For this entire procedure you can search across the different online portals and learn about your car firstly. Then you can find some car mechanics from your locality or city. The mechanic should be certified and they should be trained and experienced in this sector.


What should you watch for when you hire the mechanics? Beware of the following tricks: 

  1. The needless replacement trick 

Mechanics are quick to pounce on unsuspecting customers who don’t know a lot about cars. They will often coax you into getting a part replaced that is functioning well. However, that’s not the real trick. The trick is they will never replace the part.

  • Instead, they will do a good shining job of it, and put it back in your vehicle. You will be charged for a new part though. 100% profit for the service station.
  • However, you can avoid getting ripped off this way. When a mechanic insists that a certain part needs replacement, mark that part with a chalk or a permanent marker when the mechanic is not looking. When you take the car back, if the mark remains intact, then you will find you have not been duped.
  1. The quick service schedule trick 

Don’t believe your mechanic blatantly when he says you should get your car serviced every 10,000 miles; even when he says your vehicle falls in the heavy use category. Most times, cars don’t need such frequent upkeep, unless you are driving off-road most times, or driving in sub-zero temperatures. You should trust the manufacturer’s car manual in such cases. Your car manual has got plenty of basic information on when to get your car serviced, including oil changes, brake inspection, and the rest. Trust these. Don’t fall in this often employed trap.

  1. The Guessing Game trick 

Inexperienced or simply lazy mechanics will often resort to this neat trick, which lets them build a list of repeat customers. When they are unable to diagnose the problem with your car, they will play a guessing game, and keep retooling, in the hope that it will fix the problem. Some unscrupulous ones do this on purpose. If the mechanic isn’t sure about the problem, ask him to make a deal. If the problem is fixed with the retooling job, it’s fine.

  1. Overlapping labor trick 

Sometimes, a mechanic may spot a problem with your car while fixing some part. For example, if your water pump needs repair, he will have to remove the belts, and in the process, might spot a problem with the belts too. In order to make more money, the service station will bill you twice the labor charge- one for opening the water pump, and the other for opening the belts. However, that is unfair. The belts had to be removed anyway in order to access the water pump. Thus, you don’t need to pay the labor charges twice. Check the bill to ensure there are no overlapping labor charges. For that, you would need an itemized bill to start with. Insist on it.

You can find some independent car mechanics in your locality who can repair your car at a cheap price but before hire them you should check their certification and experiences. For some minor problems you can consult with your nearest car mechanic but if your car has any major difficulties then it is better to hire the professional car services that provide certified and trained mechanics only.

Do you like to know more about the sneaky mechanic tricks? Let’s go to the details to get few more information.

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