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5 Best Aftermarket Mods For Nissan Maximas

When you see a Nissan Maxima on the street, your first thought isn’t likely that it is a performance car. However, with a few aftermarket mods, you can turn a Maxima into a sleeper. You can also use a few aftermarket parts with an OBD2 scanner to keep it running well even as you add on miles. Below are a few of the best aftermarket mods for Maximas.

Power Stop Performance Brake Pads / Rotors Kit

If you want to make the ultimate canyon carver or track car, you need to be able to control your speed heading into turns. Power Stop brake pads and rotors will help you do exactly that. Better yet, they come in kits that make changing all your brakes easy.

K&N High Performance Air Filter

Airflow is an essential part of making serious horsepower. K&N makes some of the best air intake components on the market. This air filter will let the maximum amount of air get into your engine. As a bonus, it is washable and reusable.

MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter

Your exhaust system is an important element of getting air to flow through your engine. OEM catalytic converters can inhibit your exhaust outflow. MagnaFlow makes come performance catalytic converters that will maximize airflow without increasing emissions.

Walker Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipes are also essential to your exhaust system running efficiently. Walker exhaust pipes will help you push more fumes from your engine, making room for new air.

Weiand Pro-Street Supercharger Kit

If high-flow intake and exhaust systems aren’t enough, you can always turn to forced induction. A Weiand supercharger is a mechanical air compressor that increases the density of the air going into your engine, meaning more power.

Start Working

Using these aftermarket parts and others, you can customize your Maxima to be exactly the vehicle you want. Plus, with a little shopping to find discounts on auto parts, you can achieve this goal on a reasonable budget. It’s time to start wrenching.

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