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5 Common Mistakes You Tend To Make While Buying Mattress

Buying a new mattress can be a very exhaustive and an elaborate procedure. There are so many options available in the market that you might just feel like buying any of them. This is the biggest mistake the often people commit. Not thinking through while buying the bed can lead to several problems in the future. People often tend to go for cheap offers and festive discounts, without understanding about the true quality of the mattress.

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So along with the size and the material of the mattress, it is also important to choose a good brand and shop from where you can buy the mattresses.

Here are 5 mistakes that people fall for when they think of buying a mattress:

  • Following Others:

Someone at your office went gaga over the bed they bought recently and you are impressed with it. But there is no rule that your back will love the futon that his back loved. Majority of the people do not consider their height, back and weight while buying the bed. They just jump onto it or sit with a bounce to see if the bed is really good. This is not the way you should decide on a bed. Look out for your needs and comfort. If you have a spouse or a partner, you will have to shop it together.

  • Not Testing:

There is a reason why there are floor models in the stores. Lay on the mattress for at least 5 to 15 minutes. Only then you will be able to decide if the bed is worth buying or not. Get rid of the inhibitions and test the futon if it is firm and soft. The best thing to do while testing is trying different types of beds within the same brand.  The qualities of cotton or foam are to be checked and verified before you purchase the mattress.

  • No Trial and Direct Buy:

Not many people are aware that several brands offer a trial period. Not looking out for the trial period means you will be stuck with the mattress for coming many years. However, there are people who get beds on 1 night trial basis.  You will need at least a month to know if the bed is actually good for you or not. Additionally, you should be even more careful, if you have the habit of sleeping on sides or on your stomach. If you do not find any brand offering the 1month trial, look out for a time duration that is somewhere close to it.

  • Not Checking Warranty:

The biggest mistake that any buyer do is not enquiring about the terms and conditions given in the warranty of the mattress. Even the ones, who ask about the warranty, do not know that they get fooled. The brand or the bed company should offer you with a minimum of 10 year warranty. Make sure it is a non prorated warranty.mattresses dandenong

  • Not Negotiating:

Often people assume that they can’t negotiate the prices of the mattress. However, you can bargain over the price with the sales executive or the store manager. Check if the store will deliver and set up the new bed. Also, see if the store can help you in picking up the old bed. If all of the things are agreed then add all the service costs in your total prices. Most people do not know how to ask for free offers or any other additional price that is related to the mattress.

But there are many stores who willingly offer complimentary accessories or free services. All you need to do is ask. Not asking or negotiating the prices will only waste your money, so to have a proper deal, you must decide about avoiding these mistakes, and then buy your chosen mattress.

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