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5 Essential Fashion Tips For Shorter Guys To Dress Smarter

Don’t be offended with your height; every man would want to look taller, but no one has control over how tall they grow. So far, shorter guys had a slight disadvantage in the fashion industry. However, now the clothing industry has evolved so much that it’s possible to find the proper fit, no matter whether you’re 6’6″ tall man or a5” short chap. Lack of height shouldn’t be a hindrance for dressing smart;you must have heard the famous quote that ‘good things always come in small parcels’ and this would perfectly hold true in your situation. Today, the fashion world welcomes all sizes and shapes and shorter men too have lot of opportunity to look smarter; the theory of ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ doesn’t apply all the time – girls can fall for short and stylish guys as well!

Ways to Look Taller

Before you read the next tip, consider this fashion advice to make you appear taller. These are simple, yet effective tips for adding the illusion of extra height. First of all, don’t be disheartened with your look; instead maintain the right posture. Keep your back straight, instead of bending and maintaining slouched pose that can make you appear even shorter, and ultimately making you feel all the more insecure about your height. The hairstyle also matters a lot and you should cut your hair short. Long hair can hide your shoulder and neck, merging your body and head (neck), making you look even shorter. Yet another thing to be considered is maintaining lean body; extremely muscular and heavier body will make you stubbier and broader, which that won’t help in adding some height to your overall body structure.

Color Choice
Look for monochromatic colors that help in streamlining your appearance; wearing similar shades can help in reducing visual clutter. Go for darker and brighter shades that create an illusion of added height, especially black! If you want to try different shades, wear dark colored bottom to create a lengthening effect. Wearing both top and bottom in the same shade can avoid breaks in your natural structure that eventually makes you look taller. The same concept applies to medium/light fabrics; heavier materials can make you look shorter and bulkier.

Vertically Striped Pattern
Horizontally-oriented patterns are widening, while vertical are slimming; it is suggested to go for unbroken vertical stripes to elongate your body structure. Other patterns such as herringbone, chalks stripe, and pinstripe add to the vertical effect as well.

Right Fit
Loose fit can make you look sloppy and stumpy; hence, it’s imperative to choose a garment that fits you flawlessly.Opt for trim fit over baggy look to achieve more appealing and structured look.You can go for designer clothes or customized dresses or find a tailor who cuts the dressing material into right fit. Ragazzi Clothing has collections from various brands, such as Paul and Shark, CP Company, and Barbour that are currently ruling men’s fashion.

Why Not Try Accessories?
Simple accessories, such as tie, thin belt, shoes with slight heel, and hats can enhance the overall appearance. Hopefully, these tips would have helped you get the right cloth to make you look taller.

Author Bio – This post has been contributed by John Ericson, who is a fashion enthusiast and loves to share his view on fashion tips, styling ideas, and latest fashion trends.

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