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5 Essential Tips For Safe Boating

Boat operators are responsible for safe boat operations along with the safety and welfare of the passengers. Regardless of how much experience and expertise a boat operator has, it is essential to review safety rules prior to every departure. Jimmy Khezrie says it is imperative for every person on the boat to know where are safety equipments are kept. Along with the pleasure and adventure of a boat ride, responsibility goes hand-in-hand with these.

5 Essential Tips For Safe Boating

The five essential safe boating tips that a boat operator needs to consider are:

  1. Safe fueling

In most cases, explosions occur when gasoline vapors of boat fuel come in contact and mix with air. Gasoline vapors are heavier than air and are likely to accumulate bilge on boats. In order to eradicate the bilge of these fumes, a boat needs some kind of ventilation.

It is necessary to carry out proper safety procedures while fueling your boat to avert the introduction of these gasoline vapors into bilge. When fueling, it is necessary to dock your boat securely, put out all flames and turn off all electrical equipment that can cause a spark. Make sure to close all doors, hatches and potholes that lead to the interior of the boat.

  1. Boat Fuel System

All boat operators need to check the boat fuel system and ensure its proper installation. Moreover, they need to make sure that these systems are not in a state of deterioration. It is equally important for them to check the condition of the fuel hoses, proper grounding of the fuel tanks and filler pipes to the boats electrical system. This goes a long way in preventing static electricity build-up. Finally, the operators need to check on a regularly for corrosion and damage.

  • Check the weather forecasts

Prior to the boat trip, the boat operators need to check the weather of the area. If the boat has a marine radio, it is imperative for the boat operators to check with the National Weather Service forecasts at regular intervals. Even during the boat trip, it is important for the operators to pay attention to deteriorating weather signs such as cloud formations, wind conditions and so on.

  • File a boat plan

Before embarking on a boat trip, it is important for you prepare its itinerary along with a description of the boat and its registration number.  This includes the number of passengers travelling and port of calls and the date of the return. It is important to leave a copy of this itinerary plan with the homeport or yachting club. Moreover, it is essential for the boat operators to notify the persons or concerned authorities if there is a change in the itinerary plans to prevent false searches.

  • Check your equipment

Before leaving the moorage, it is essential for the operators to check the boat’s equipments. Moreover, do the Coast Guards approve the safety equipments on the boat like life jackets, fire extinguishers, distress flares and flotation devices? Does the boat have a basic tool kit and a first aid kit?

By following the five basic boating safety tips shared by Jimmy Khezrie goes a long way in ensuring an enjoyable and safe boating experience.


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