October 5, 2023
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Cool Dresses For The Summer

All of the ideas to combat the heat with the right clothes

Fight the heat with the right clothes! Choose light fabrics and fresh light colors and dresses anti-hot. Dresses, maxi dress, shorts and jumpsuit: here are all the fresh ideas for your summer.

With the heat of the summer season, it is very important to dressing in the right way to combat excessive sweating and high temperatures. But what is the clothes are anti-hot? Tip on light fabrics and fresh, on skirts and tops with plunging necklines and vests. Here’s how to dress during the warmer periods!

Fabrics and colors to beat the heat

To choose the right dress anti-hot, you have to, first of all, choose the right fabric: yes to natural fibers such as cotton, flax and hemp, fresh and light, while they are to avoid jeans, viscose, lycra and synthetic fibers. Also perfect the tulle, chiffon and silk, which fight the sensation of heat. Also the choice of color can affect the perceived temperature: in summer, in fact, some of the colors are to be avoided while others are to be preferred for hot days. Perfect colors light and neutral like white, beige, pale pink and pastel shades; the black is not prohibited, as well as the dark blue, and avoid the gray and dark brown.

Dresses anti-hot: dresses, skirts and maxi dress

Between the clothing more suitable for the summer, there are definitely dresses, fresh and light. Choose the versions maxi long up to the feet, in lightweight fabrics such as chiffon: will allow you to stay fresh and fight the higher temperatures, while at the same time glamorous and trendy. For an evening look, choose a model with a small piece of a sleeve that covers the shoulders, which will make your dress more elegant. For the day are perfect, the cuts XL, the coats and the dresses at the end. Perfect skirt provided that it is not tight and snug: perfect the wheel, those pleated long or above the knee.

Shirts, pants and shorts: dresses fresh for summer

There are those who even with the summer not surrender to the more casual look with trousers and shirt: perfect those of linen, lightweight, or those in the tissue fluids and soft that will not bind up too much the leg. To be chic without suffering the heat in a perfect match is a blouse that was sleeveless, perhaps with ruffles and violent that make it more refined. Perfect to shorts, but avoid the ones in the jeans: yes, instead, soft and lightweight. For the more young people are perfect the jumpsuit the court: comfortable and versatile, you can choose either the version with the strap end of the classic sleeveless t-shirt, but is also ideal for the half sleeve.

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