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Emerging As Best Place For Meningioma Treatment

There are numerous health issues the human body has to counter. Some of them are common while some are also life threatening. One of such disease with the risk of life is cancer. Usually, the disease is so famous that with the word cancer only one may get shivered as it is considered as the almost end of life. But in fact, it is not so. To understand the same one needs to understand the disease in a little depth. 

Cancer has become a widely prevalent disease which is taking lives of many people. However, the advancement of medical science has come up with revolutionary treatments and medicines which have made even a disease like cancer very much curable.  It is to be noted that cancer can be cured if detected at an early stage such as stage 1 and some cases stage 2.

About Meningioma:

Meningioma is a type of tumour which is formed on the membranes which cover brain as well as the spinal cord inside skull. The tumours are formed on the three layers of the membranes which are known as meninges. The tumours are usually slow-growing and almost 90% of the tumours are benign i.e. non-cancerous which means that 10% of the tumours are malignant. However, it should be noted that when benign tumour grows it affects the brain causing disability and even death in few cases.

The causes of Meningioma are not yet clear. Doctors state that something alters few cells in the meninges of the brain making them multiply in huge numbers which go out of control. This leads to Meningioma tumour. Most of the meningiomas are found in brain however they can also spread to other parts of the spinal cord. The cost of Meningioma treatment India depends on the stage of the ailment. It also varies from hospital to hospital depending on the services and facilities offered.

  • Few meningiomas have cysts and calcified mineral deposit while others might contain tiny blood vessels in large number.
  • The meningiomas have a tendency to grow inwards and hence they cayse pressure on the brain/ spinal cord.
  • The meningioma can grow outwards also which may cause thickening of the skull.

Diagnosis of Meningioma:

The benign tumours are detected by CT scan or MRI scans. Mostly the tumours have a slow growth rate, and they don’t invade other nearby tissues. They usually have an edge or border which is visible in CT scan. These tumours are less likely to grow into malign tumours.

The Meningioma surgery cost in India is relatively less in comparison to other countries across the world. The medical tourism terms are also flexible.

The brain does not have any pain receptor, and hence one does not feel pain or a headache. The headaches caused are actually due to the pressure of the tumour on the sensitive nerves and blood vessels in the brain. As per the medical science in most of the cases, meningioma does not come back once the treatment has been done.

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