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How To Ensure Your Employee Happiness

It is every employee’s dream to get a raise in salary. But if your employee is not feeling appreciated emotionally, then it can even effect his quality of work as well. A simple act of gratitude can make a huge difference when it comes to your employee’s satisfaction and happiness at work. Happy employees generate an excellent working environment and develop more loyalty in them

Here is how you can establish a wonderful working environment by making your employees happy.

Control Your Attitude

Since you are the boss, you have to keep a check on your employee’s performance. You also have to point out their mistakes to them and make sure they amend them as well. But it does not mean that you have to be disrespectful towards them. Even if you have to issue a warning letter to any employee, make sure that you do it in a respectable manner and not in front of the whole department. Make sure you do not cross the line where you have to insult someone.

Provide a Timely Feedback to Your Employees

If you have asked your employee to work on an urgent task, then it is also necessary to give them the feedback on time. If you have assigned them a specific task which they have successfully completed, then letting them know about how good or bad their performance on time is necessary. While a good feedback leaves an employee quite happy, a bad one should be accompanied with suggestions regarding how to further improve their work. This holds true for every new employee as it helps them in getting acclimatized with the work environment as well as expectations.


A good communication is the key to building exceptional employee-boss relationship. When you communicated with your employees, they automatically work more on improving their performance. A good communication means that there is a natural flow of more creative and even out of the box ideas.

Appreciate Their Performance

Everybody likes to be appreciated. A little word of appreciation can actually go a long way. So, even if it is a small presentation or an elaborate proposal, if your employee has done it well, then do give him or her word of appreciation. Remember that when you appreciate another person, you actually rise up from where you are standing.

Have Some Fun Activities Once in a While

All work and no play can actually make anyone dull. When your employees are working all the time and they think that the time spent in the office is monotonous, then you have to introduce some fun activities for refreshing their minds up. Hold a potluck in the office once in a while or organize a fun gala with the family. You can also do some recreational activities at office once a month by throwing a coffee party or a pizza party. Such activities also are not heavy on anyone’s pocket as well. You can gift them the best activity trackers, just to tell them how much you support their fun and outdoor activities.

Be Flexible

Sometimes employees cannot complete a given task on time. Most of the times they just need a very small time to get done whatever you have assigned them in even a much better manner. It is at such times that you have to show flexibility. Your employee may have to go through a family emergency or maybe he was not feeling well, two factors which are not under his control.

Let the Employees Mess their Desks Up

Not everyone can work on a spic and span desk. Some people feel more productive when they have clutter around them, and it is even proven scientifically as well. so, do not bound them regarding what they should or should not do when it comes to how they like to keep their desks, unless and until they have got all the necessary documents and files in place.

Celebrate Success with Them

Whenever your company achieves a milestone, do not leave your employees out of the celebrations. Every project is the fruit of a collective labor, which includes your employees. In this way your employees will know that their efforts in work place are highly regarded by their bosses. Their inclusion and the acceptance of their hard work increase their loyalty with the company even more. The best thing is that they end up respecting their bosses to even a greater extent.

It is important to remember that your employees are basically the main machinery which works hard every single day. Appreciating them frequently can be really positive for you and your company, and you will end up earning a lot of respect from them.

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