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Interview Transcription: Significance And Necessary Tips

At present, every one of us has witnessed an increasing demand for professional and quality services of interview transcription all across the globe. For a precise and flawless transcribed copy, you need to invest much time, effort, hard work and dedication. While one could surely utilize varied types of software for this particular task, none of those would be able to outperform the exactness and perfection of a competent transcriber or an experienced transcription company. Although most of us are acquainted with the concept of interview transcription, we are not aware of its significance. Let us explore that in the following discussion.

Importance of Interview Transcription

Interviews that are witness to historic events are noted for preserving valuable facts, which could later be utilized to fabricate unique artifacts. They are first-hand accounts, thus, more reliable than those reports that are gathered from the secondary sources.

Media outlets use interviews, in order to extract quotations, which have the potential of enhancing the news stories. However, since journalists have other major aspects to focus upon, they could hire a transcription company, who could convert the interviews into written texts or documents. Retain vital data, points as well as figures shared with the exceptional interview transcription services.

As mentioned earlier, outsourcing tasks to a third party stand to be viable as well as beneficial but individuals, who still wish to indulge in this procedure on their own and accomplish desirable outcomes must keep certain tips at the back of their mind. Those necessary suggestions are mentioned below in points.

Tips that would help in Transcribing an Interview

  • Note down the names of the interviewer, interviewee, location, time and date.
  • Interviews generally take place in the format of questions-answers. Thus, use foot pedal while recording and while converting them into texts, play small sections at a time.
  • Utmost accuracy could be achieved only if you transcribe each word. At times, some terms might not be much clear. In those cases, you need to read the entire paragraph and utilize common sense to make a guess. Also remember to put the guessed word inside a bracket, which would manifest that it is not taken from the original source.
  • Keep inserting paragraphs wherever the interviewee puts forward a novel idea or express his/her opinions.
  • After finishing the draft, listen to the recording once again, in order to check the transcribed copy and make necessary alterations (if required).
  • Now start with editing. Spell the abbreviations, point out the punctuations as well as correct the grammar. Remember to get rid of words, which are used excessively such as, ‘I mean’ or ‘You know’.
  • Go through the transcribed copy again and send it for publication. Do remember to keep a separate file for yourself.

The above-mentioned tips and tricks would let you transcribe impeccably. Transcription is not an easy task to undertake. It calls for proficiency, perfect listening skills, patience and much caution.

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