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6 Insider Tips To Design A Functional Boardroom

Functional Boardroom

A boardroom is an essential room in an office. This is where to make pitches from and win clients and to make key communications to staff and stakeholders. Achieving this from your boardroom requires designing and furnishing it properly. You have to design your boardroom to match your business style. To make this easier, here are a few insider pointers on creating a functional boardroom. 


Technology in business makes handling various tasks easier. So, you need appropriate automation to complete the overall design of your boardroom. A wonderful idea is to have fixtures like blinds, lights, air conditioning, and sound system controlled at the touch of a button. Today, there is a host of tech options to include in your boardroom. Connecting features to apps on smartphones or tablets makes doing various tasks easier. 

Since a modern boardroom is for more than holding meetings, you can use it to make strategic plans to impact the future of your business. Outdated tech limits the ability to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the must-have techs for your boardroom include:

  • High-end sound system
  • Lighting and shading control
  • Networking equipment
  • Central control system
  • High fidelity visual equipment


The choice of furniture in your boardroom depends on the space available. Regardless of whether you are beginning from scratch or looking to freshen up your boardroom, contact interior companies in Dubai. This will avail a professional and expert touch to your process. It is very important to avoid including too much furniture in a small space. Equally important is including appropriate furniture for everyone to avoid fighting for space in the room. 

A professional interior designer will help you make smart decisions on all aspects regarding your boardroom furniture. Choice of furniture requires understanding quantity and dimensions to best fit your space. This is very important when selecting the chairs and table. Keep in mind that people might have to move furniture around when using the boardroom for various functions. The ideal boardroom furniture gives your boardroom warmth and matches the color scheme. 


When designing your boardroom, avoid trendy colors. Equally important is to steer away from keeping things too bland with plain white. This color doesn’t look good during conference calls and makes the boardroom seem like a hospital. A professional interior designer will opt for muted neutral tones to give your boardroom an elegant appeal. Some of the wonderful colors to limit focusing on the space itself include:

  • Taupe
  • Grey 
  • Pale blue
  • Pale green


Choice of color scheme and position of light fixtures is very important in a boardroom. Installing overhead lights is a good idea but includes dimmer switches. These allow making the lights bright or subtle to match your current needs. This is very important during presentations for video screens and projectors to work without interference from a reflection of bright light. Another consideration is the position of furniture to limit the lights from becoming distractive. 

Video display system 

Businesses today rely on technology to make things easier including making presentations. So, keep this in mind when designing your boardroom. Ensure to include appropriate display equipment including HDMI, AV, and VGA connections. 

For a ceiling-mounted projector, you will need cables running through concealed pipes. These need a connection to the conference table for everyone to plug in their tablet or laptop and projector. A commercial interior design understands how to conceal the projector in the ceiling and when to lower it to protect everyone in the room from an eyesore. 

Video conferencing 

Your boardroom needs video conferencing equipment to connect with offsite staff and clients. So, your boardroom design should have modern video conferencing to make your boardroom more functional. The ideal system should offer excellent looks to give your team ease at connecting with others remotely. 

Your professional designer will assist you to choose a quality video conferencing with HD video and audio capability. This will give your team an immersive connection experience. A modern video conferencing system comes with features including:

  • Plug-and-play ready for easy installation
  • Full face-to-face interaction
  • Customizable with auto-updates 
  • Dual display capability for an uninterrupted experience
  • Seamless integration with third-party devices
  • Stronger communication with instant collaboration


Finally, the acoustics are very important in the boardroom. Commercial interior designers understand the need to create an aesthetically pleasing boardroom. The acoustical issues that need addressing include isolation of sound to inhibit disturbances and to achieve privacy during discussions. 

Another aspect of boardroom acoustics is the room finish allowing conducting meetings over prolonged periods. Finally, noise control of the HVAC system in the background is important to allow discussions in the boardroom. To limit sound reverberation, the boardroom needs acoustic carpets, ceilings, and wall cladding. 

Wrapping up

When looking forward to a functional boardroom, assistance from a commercial interior design is strongly recommended. This allows benefiting from their wealth of experience in handling similar projects.  

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