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Portable Monitor vs. Air Quality Station for Dust Monitoring

Anyone who has worked on, visited, or lived near to a construction site will recognise and appreciate the need for air quality monitoring. Not only does it help site workers and managers to ensure that they are operating within local regulations, but it also means that high-risk areas can be identified and exposure to dust particles can be mitigated and minimised.

But with so many air quality and dust monitor tools available on the market, knowing which offers the best and most comprehensive protection for your site can be difficult.

Which is where this blog comes in. Keep reading for a quick guide on portable monitors and larger air quality stations, considering the benefits of both and which is right for your site.

The Benefits of Portable Monitors

A portable monitor is, by definition, a small handheld device which can be carried around a site and used to measure dust levels and the compliance of air quality throughout a construction site.

Despite its smaller size, a portable monitor is able to measure different gas and dust particles using different sensors, which can be fitted with ease onto the device. Results are transferred to a Cloud portal using WiFi so that you can continue to compare air quality reports across the site and contrast data from the portable monitor against that of a larger air quality station.

You will tend to see portable monitors being used across a more diverse selection of projects, particularly across large development sites where compliance is required on a wider scale.

 When you Might Need a Full Air Quality Station

Air quality monitoring stations are designed to offer an overview of dust particle levels and other air quality details across a site.

They are typically situated in a central area which represents the broadest possible exposure to dust across the site. Results are pulled together into a report which can be accessed at any time, with automated compliance checks and data logging available whatever the weather.

Does your Site Need Both?

While both air quality tools have their individual benefits, having access to both larger air quality stations and portable monitors can help to ensure a comprehensive overview as well as more targeted readings in different areas across your site.

Having a portable monitor can enable site managers and workers to identify areas of high dust levels more accurately and efficiently, while the air quality stations offer a continuous measurement which makes it easy to compare readings on a daily basis. Results are collated in reports which track the level of different particles using various sensors within the machine. This, alongside the targeted readings of a portable monitor, can help to direct air quality management work and ensure that every corner of your site is safe for workers and local residents alike.

Find out more about air quality monitoring equipment by getting in touch with your local supplier.

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