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Buying An Air Conditioner For Home Or Office Needs Thought And Planning

Installing an air conditioner be it your home or office, is definitely an expensive move. Such systems are installed for a long-time purpose. That means you should take utmost care and planning to buy the right AC and get it installed well so that you do not have to worry about it at least for some years. If you do some planning before buying, you will be able to make a good purchase, so that you can relax and enjoy cool air in home or office. If you make a hasty decision, then you will be running here and there to fix problems. Usually for homes, people buy a single air conditioner and it is for commercial spaces, that central air conditioning is needed.

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Here are two important points that you should consider while buying a residential air conditioner:

Seek help: If you are living in a 2-bedroom apartment or a country house, it is best to seek professional advice before buying an air conditioner. They will be able to inspect your house and study as to what kind of cooling your house requires. It is also necessary to check insulation points for the purpose. Also, your roof colour too needs to be checked to see how much heat passes into the house and other factors such as temperature, climate, the number of residents in the house, etc. should also be taken into account to come to a conclusion as to what kind of air conditioners you will need to buy.

High-efficiency: This is one of the most important points to consider. There are some countries that insist on specific laws regarding energy saving appliances. For example, the federal law insists on air conditioner having SEER value of 13. Buy only those air conditioners that are highly energy-efficient even though they tend to be a little expensive. These will save much of your money in terms of energy bills.

The type: There are mainly two types –single unit and split AC. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. A single unit is cheap and can be installed easily and they are portable, but using the hose to vent hot air out can be risky. Split units are safer, quieter and great for apartments. They work better than single units. But they can be expensive and they will need a permanent place for mounting.

A central air conditioner is what is required for office or commercial buildings. Do follow two of the most important tips before you buy an air conditioner for commercial purposes. They are:

Ditch oversized ones: It is best to use a modest air conditioner for offices because an over-sized one is not energy-efficient and will cost you much money in terms of high energy bills. They are also noisy and never be under an impression that the air cooling efficiency of air conditioners depend on their sizes.

Moisture handling: Choose one that can handle moisture well. Check out in the manual or with the sales person as to how efficiently the model you selected can remove moisture from the air.

More terms to look for:

Check BTUs: BTU or British thermal unit is the unit that decides how well an air conditioner can cool your space. A simple way to find the best AC for your home or office is to measure the area of the room or space where you need cooling and multiply it by 10. Then add 4,000. This is the BTU you need.

Energy rating: Every appliance is rated for its energy efficiency. Buy an air conditioner that has high energy rating.

Filter: Check if the filters are reusable. Also see if it has an anti-microbial filter.

You will carefully consider above points before purchasing a new air conditioner.  This buying guide will help you to choose the right air conditioner.


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