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Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Writing A Dissertation

Writing A Dissertation

According to the experts there are hardly any perfect dissertations available. The perfect dissertations require tremendous and some serious research, logics and a touch of creativity. There are some common mistakes that are commonly found in awful dissertations. You can even check here about every aspect about dissertation that you want to know. Here we will share some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while writing a worth reading dissertation. Instead of going through the tips for writing a good dissertation topic, you should focus on the common mistakes that are ought to occur in it. If you will follow these guidelines then your dissertation writing will be automatically error free and will be worth reading by any advisor or committee.


Share your thoughts with optimistic people

If you have chosen such a bright career for yourself, then you should surround yourself among people with positive attitude. Try to share your ideas regarding this and take advices from them. This will help in generating a positive attitude towards your long journey of doctorate or Ph.D.

Broaden your scope of study

Don’t hesitate in reading or learning from anywhere. Collect as many points and sources you can before initialising your dissertation writing. This is recommended because you should not stuck anywhere in between writing a dissertation due to lack of knowledge or information available. Therefore instead of narrowing the approach of your study, try to broaden it.

Topic should be of your interest and unique

Imagine the situation when you don’t like doing something that is not of your interest. You don’t feel like doing that particular task at any point of time. Therefore it is highly recommended that your topic should be related to your interest so that at any point of time during dissertation writing you don’t lack interest and end up with a lousy dissertation. The uniqueness of the topic should also be considered during this process.

Judging the importance of facts and topic

Suppose if you are looking for something and it is nowhere available on Internet and it’s not in English either. So it should not be that important. Try to shift your focus on topics which are easily available everywhere. Try reading books and articles to gather as much information as you can. This will help you in solving your purpose of writing a good dissertation topic anytime.

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