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Dr Who And His Vital Gadget That Has Held Many In Fascination

The current generation who has grown with the famous TV soap Dr Who know exactly what sonic screwdriver is and how it is important. When the screwdriver is burnt in one of the episodes, he gets a new piece made by Trades. Now the question would be what all it could do precisely because it looks pretty much like a short wand that is made out of metal.


What can the screwdriver could do?

The screwdriver could do many things, but it has two primary usages;

  • Opening deadlocks
  • Used as a weapon

In short, if there is something that needs a bit of help, then this peculiar sonic tool of Dr Who will always rise to the assignment; immediately.

Did the screwdriver ever lose its value in the show?

From 1960’s, when Dr Who brought in the sonic device to the screen, it did stay in the show till John Nathan became its producer and he decided otherwise. His logic was that the screwdriver has been used in almost all the situation to rescue both the Doctor as well as his assistant; where other means could have been used instead. In 1981, the screwdriver was destroyed by Terilepril and it was not at all replaced for the next 15 years. Another logic that John Nathan was practicing here was that this would give the screen writers something to think about.

Did the same device come into real world for the Dr who fans?

Yes, the sonic screwdriver has been launched for the fans in toys and actual universal remote control utility tools. The former doesn’t have much to boast about, but the later has taken the homes of Dr Who fans in one swift motion, with its practical use. The replica of the actual screwdriver is mostly used as a TV remote control by majority of Dr Who fans, who love this high-tech device.

It looks absolutely the same as the actual screwdriver that Dr Who uses, but in reality, it serves as a true universal remote control. It can work with any model of the television or any other devices that works on the same principal. The package comes in a neat box that has another box, in which the screwdriver is kept safely between foam. A USB charger also comes along, for the charging purpose. Following the instruction manual will aid in configuring the universal remote control according to the device that one wants to run.

No wonder, the fans are all praise about this peculiar screwdriver that is an excellent universal remote control.

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