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Everything You Need To Know – Galaxy S7

The latest member in the Samsung galaxy series is the S7. It can rival even the Iphone 6S with these latest technologies just discussed below:-

Galaxy S7

  • the galaxy S7 has a 5.5’’ screen which is complimented with a dual HD super AMOLED display. It also has a super fine sleek finish which enhances the look of the phone. This phone is super light and can easily fit within the palm of our hands due to its slim design.
  • This Smartphone possesses a camera which even will be the envy of high end cameras. It has a 12 megapixel rear camera with dual pixel to catch even the fastest of frames without blurring. This is enabled by the CMOS technology it possesses which has super sensitive sensors to catch these fast images. There is also a 5 megapixel front camera which can capture selfies even in the darkest of places.
  • Galaxy S7 is powered by the latest android marshmallow operating system. This makes applications run faster and uses less battery and hence, increases battery backup. It also comes with new features like Now on Tap which guesses our next move. Galaxy S8 would be the next device to watch out for.
  • This phone has 32GB internal memory which enables us to keep huge files without thinking about storage. Even then, if you need more space to store things it comes with an enormous external memory slot expandable up to 200 GB. Therefore, you can keep all your important documents all in one place and still be left with enough space to keep songs, movies, games etc.
  • Water-resistant phones have been a dream but now Galaxy S7 makes this a reality. You can literally keep your phone under water for as much as 30 minutes without a single scratch. It can repel water with its certified water proof technology and you can even take an underwater selfie without harming the phone! iPhone 8 would be a tough competitor to this device.

These new age features prove that this phone can literally challenge even the best of out of all the Smartphone present in the market. So, if you want to be different then buy the ‘difference’!!!

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