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How To Change Electric Plug Sockets Safely?

Electricity is necessary but it is dangerous as well. It is not only dangerous but murderous as well because if you come in contact with electricity directly, chances are you will end up in the hospital and that may cost your life as well. This is why whenever you are changing the plug sockets try to keep yourself as safer as possible and always maintain certain process in fixing the issue and also make sure you follow the safety guidelines.

Though many people are there who don’t know how to change an electrical socket. It is actually very easy task but all you need to do be aware of is the safety measures you need to adopt. There is no need to hire an electrician every time you need to change the socket as you can do it by yourself within no time as well once you understand how to do it. But this easiness might cost your life as well so don’t be too confident while replacing the socket.

Once you have decided that you will change the socket yourself or if you change yourself only from earlier times, make sure you switch off all the power supplies for the socket you are going to replace. You must cut the power off from the main breaker box of the circuit so that the electricity flow stops to the socket you are going to change. If the main circuit box is marked properly by the electrician beforehand then it is well and good but if not then you have to test by switching the main circuits one by one to check which connects the required socket to which circuit box. Once you identify the circuit box and cut off the power you are good to go.

The next step is the open the switch box where the socket has to be placed or replaced. You can use a screwdriver to open the box and then open the socket which has been already attached to the box. Remove the screws which are holding the plug sockets in the electric box and then pull it off. You must make sure that you don’t touch any wires in this process. Though the electricity is off you must not take any risk by touching the wires. There may be chances of a short circuit as well.

After the socket has been removed, place the new socket and then attach the wires according to their colour. Make sure the right wire goes into the right point as if you make a mistake in placing the wires correctly, and then also there are chances of a short circuit. Once it is done, place the screws in the right place to fix the socket and then close the electric box and you are done.

In this whole process, all you need to take care is that there is no electricity running in the wires and all the wires are connected properly and if you can make these things sure, you are safe to change plug sockets.

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