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How To Display A Fruit Bowl As Centrepiece On Your Dining Table

If you are having a dinner party at your home, it is time to give your dining table the much needed facelift. You don’t have to do wonders or spend too much to make your table look attractive for your guests. All you have to do is just throw in a centrepiece and your table will look elegant and ready to eat on. Not just when you have guests coming over, you can have a fruit basket as a centrepiece every day. This will brighten your table and when you have fruits in front of your eyes, you will be tempted to eat them making you healthier.

Fruit Bascket

 Including fruits in the decoration of your dining table is a fresh and natural alternative to the same old candles and flowers. You can use different kinds of fruits, seasonal fruits being the best option.

Things you need –

  • Glass bowl/ basket/ glass base/ platter/ any container that looks good.
  • Three or four varieties of fruits. Try to choose fruits of different colours. This can make your centrepiece vibrant.
  • Skewers
  • Herbs, freshly cut stems with a few leaves, flowers.
  • Colourful stones, shells, glass marbles.

How to arrange that perfect centrepiece for your table –

  • Bring out the four types of fruits from your refrigerator, it is show time.
  • Set the platter or the bowl exactly at the centre of your table. It should not come in the way of your guests while they are eating or passing dishes during dinner time.
  • Get creative and place the fruits in a small heap. While setting a fruit bowl, try to match its colour with the interiors of your dining room. Decide if you want a monochrome theme or a colourful bowl. You can arrange only oranges or limes if you have a blue background, or go for an apple, orange, pear, banana, kiwi and pineapple each for a white room.
  • Fill a large glass vase with citrus fruits such as oranges or sweet limes. You can add in a few flower stems on the top of the vase to give it a much colourful look. The flowers should match the fruits.
  • In a small vessel, float a few flowers in water. Place this in a bigger vessel and cover the bigger vessel with fruits. This is new and refreshing fruit arrangement.
  • In a tall glass vase, place your home grown fruits along with few branches of the fruit trees. This is a very earthen way to decorate your table.
  • You can also arrange a few bright coloured fruits on your cake stand as a centrepiece.
  • You can also carve out fruits like water melons or pineapples to make an enviable attraction.
  • Use weaved basket to arrange apples or pears if you want a simple look. This can also be given away as fruit gift baskets for your guests.

Fruit arrangements can be done according to your skills and imagination. A bowl of fruits can always be a perfect centrepiece for any dinner party or gathering.

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