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How To Fight Dandruff Problems

Of one suffers from an itchy scalp it becomes a nightmare for them. It gives a scratchy feeling always and it becomes very embarrassing for people. This mostly happens when there is a dandruff attack on the scalp. This dandruff not only makes the scalp itchy but it also leads to hair fall.

Now, dandruff can happen if one has a dry scalp or some over active sebaceous cysts. One can also face dandruff problems because of poor hair hygiene and some viral infections along with poor diet. One can use ketomac shampoo to fight with the dandruffs. Anti dandruff shampoos are the obvious choices when it comes to fighting dandruff but in most times, once you stop using them, the problem can come back.

But yes, there are other ways to get rid of these dandruff attacks and get relief from itchy scalp. One can thus try some home remedies.

Give your head an oil massage to reduce dryness of scalp

You can go for plain coconut oil or some sesame oil or tea tree oil for the massage. If you have dry scalp, it can work as a wonder. The oil massage can heal the dryness of the scalp and removes the white flakes along with the itchiness of the scalp within a few weeks.

Fight dandruff with lemon Juice

This juice has a lot of antiseptic properties and it is very useful when one thinks of tackling dandruff. One can also treat the itchiness of a scalp by rubbing lemon juice thoroughly all over the scalp. One can also apply a mixture of lemon juice and cold yogurt on the scalp to get good results. Do not forget to rinse it off well with a shampoo.

Exfoliate with baking soda

This is very useful for treating itchy scalp and dandruff accumulation. One can use a little amount of baking soda and make a paste of it by using water. Then they can apply the paste on the scalp to get good results.

Apple cider vinegar wash

This vinegar is useful because, it is acidic in nature. Also it is an excellent solution to keep in control, the yeast and the virus that is causing dandruff and itchy scalp. Also it helps to balance the scalp’s PH level by reducing the itching part. One can mix an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and water and then spray it on scalp before washing. Then they can shampoo it well.

Say hello to aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has some intense moisturising property and so the aloe vera gel is a perfect remedy to remove dryness and itching. One can use this paste on their scalp and then keep it for 30 minutes before washing it away. It is a perfect way to relieve dryness.

Condition with bananas and avocado

Bananas not only give you relief from itchy scalp but it also conditions the hair. One can take two mashed bananas and mix it with an avocado. Then they can apply the paste on the dry and itchy scalp to get good results.

One can use best shampoos for oily scalp with dandruff.

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