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How To Treat Male Impotence?


It depends directly on the cause of impotence treatment. It’s easy-use folk remedies. They, in turn, contain various herbs and plants. 

The most popular ones are:

Ginseng to enhance efficacy. Only plant roots are used for processing. It affects not only effectiveness but also the regeneration effect of the whole body. It can restore and activate every cell in the body. Apply it in the form of an alcohol tincture, and prepare as follows: take the crushed roots pour 70% alcohol into a glass, and insist for a week. Take 20 drops of tincture diluted with water 30 minutes before meals.

What is a man with impotence?

The five foods that enhance efficacy are:

It is very hard & expensive to get. There have been references to drug use for over 50 years in history. This product is used just before sexual contact.

Oysters occupy a high position in the ranking of products that properly affect the male reproductive system. Zinc in the composition has a positive effect on the male reproductive system. High efficiency is only visible when consumed raw. However, it is worth remembering that high concentrations of mercury in products can be harmful to the body if consumed excessively.

Flounder Not only is it useful, but there are also delicious products that are rich in large amounts of vitamins and amino acids. It is also famous for its digestibility. We recommend using steamed fish.

Fish is rich in unsaturated fats omega-3. It has a useful effect on the male reproductive system. Regular use increases the level of potency and the amount of sperm.

Turnip It occupies a high place in popularity of use to enhance potency. It is rich in substances that help strengthen the reproductive system and maximize testosterone in the body. We recommend using medicine like Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 treatment for ED.

Not Recommended For Use

The following are products that adversely affect efficacy.

He smoked meat and pickles.

Any form of alcohol.

Carbonated drinks

Fast food

Foods that contain large numbers of harmful cholesterol.


Overdose of sugar and salt.

Impotence Exercise

Exercise to increase efficacy is aimed at maintaining the pubococcygeus muscle in tension. Sit in a chair with your spine straight and Vilitra 60 to improve your love life and head down to relax all your muscles.

Tension pubococcygeus muscle for up to 3 seconds. If you can’t stand it for 3 seconds, this means your muscles are in an atrophied state. In this case, the muscle retention period is extended under stress.

Suspension of muscle tension for up to 3 seconds.

Repeat The Above Operation.

Exercise lasts at least 10 minutes after a short break-repeat at a slow pace. If you feel a burning sensation in your muscles while exercising, don’t be afraid of it as it will be subject to passive load and result in minor damage.

Also, for pumping the pubococcygeus muscle with the option to lie on his back. In this case, the legs are lifted from the ground and spread sideways. Then the pubis-pull the coccyx.

The second exercise will be crouching. The squat algorithm for increasing effectiveness is as follows.

Stand straight, spread your legs and separate your shoulders and toes.

Lower the coccyx to the angle of the leg at 90 degrees without lifting the heel.

For a noticeable effect from such squat performance, the buttock muscles must be kept tense.

The third exercise is the rotation of the pelvis. Use hoops to do this. This exercise warms the muscles of the pelvis and stimulates the veins to increase blood flow to the groin.

And the last 4th practice will be bent forward. To do this, you should bend your legs down with your legs wider than your shoulders, but it is vital that your fingers touch the floor without bending your knees.

Impotence prevention

Some precautions are required to be taken to prevent loss of efficacy. They are:

Rejection of bad habits

Refuse to interrupt ejaculation to prevent the concept.

Refusal of self-satisfaction

Age of illness

Nature does not build a strong dependence on age for erectile function, and many men up to old age can maintain their power. However, with age, the production of sex hormones decreases, and the blood supply to various organs, including the genitals, decreases. Scientific studies have shown that 50% of men after 50 have some form of erectile disorder. This is confirmed by statistics. 

This has also been shown in polls of women of different ages who do not want men to have lovers over the age of 50 but believe that men under the age of 50 should not have efficacy problems. For a short time, therefore, the likelihood of illness decreases for those younger than this conditional boundary and increases for older people.

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