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Jonathan Bunge- Passionate Football Fan & Lover Of The Sport

There are some people in the world that love football so much they become inspirations for the sport. They may not be players themselves but they keep track of their favorite football teams and make an earnest effort to share their passions with friends and family. One such individual who is an inspirational fan of the sport and loves sharing it with all and sundry is Jonathan Bunge!

Football Fan & Lover Of The Sport

Jonathan Bunge hails from Cleveland in Ohio is mostly on the road as he is into the transport sector and needs to travel often. However, when he is back he never fails to miss his favorite football team Cleveland Browns. He is so passionate about the sport that he writes extensive blogs about it. He says that he is not cut out for writing but if you read his posts you will find that he has actually explained the concept of football really well. He shares latest views and ideas that are quite informative. He is educative about the sport and this is what makes him a popular figure today in Cleveland.

Jonathan does not believe in just coming home after a hard day’s work and wasting time watching television, eating or sleeping. Instead he gets rejuvenated to write about the sport that he really loves the most. His other areas of interests are on his experience on the road and tattoos. He really loves tattoo designs and he gives valuable advice and recommendations to people like him who love tattoos too.

As for football, Jonathan claims that this sport is very close to our life stories. The sport is not goals and defeating opponents. There are a host of other great things that you can learn from the sport. The first lesson being that it teaches you the importance of teamwork and discipline. These qualities are very important for you in life. Without them you cannot prosper. He says that young boys should be introduced to the game of football. This gives them more than just friendship and fun. When you are looking for life skills, football is the only game that will give them to you.

When you are looking for a game that instills the positivity in you, football is indeed the sport you should bank on. This game makes you face any kind of adversity or challenge. When you are playing with a team you cannot isolate the rest and avert a challenge. You face the whole challenge together and this is what makes you very strong and at the same time disciplined. There are many young boys who have been introduced to football and they have grown up to be really responsible and independent men.

Jonathan Bunge is a lover of football and is so passionate about the game that he encourages everyone to watch it. He closely connects with the young and inspires them to embrace football and enjoy its excitement as well as learn valuable life lessons. He is a inspiring football fan and no wonder he is widely popular and loved in Cleveland Ohio!

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