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Save On Your Travel Ways – Here’s How!

Traveling is one hobby that everyone has. Even the laziest of all would always be up for a travel plan. But what stops most of the people from traveling frequently is the expense incurred. Not everyone can afford more than one trip a year. But with meticulous planning and our tips, you can save at least 20% of your money during traveling. Here is how.


Travel to a place that is not too expensive – Traveling is traveling whether to Kashmir or Kolkata. Every place is a new experience and every place comes with its own expense. Travel to a place, which is affordable for you. The places that are always flocked with tourists are usually much more expensive than those, which are relatively less popular as tourist spots.

Plan a holiday when it is not the holiday season – Try to take a brief leave from work and travel during the off-season. Do a research on your destination beforehand and see which months are the least busy. Also, this is the time when the hotels are also cheap. Like for example, if you go to Bhopal during the off season, the resorts in Bhopal will be reasonable. This is because the crowd will be less.

Fly when it is cheap – It is a well known fact that most of the third party and airline booking sites automatically increase the rate of the flight when you are about to click on the “submit” button during filling the payment information. The prices keep changing at least thrice a day. One important tip is to make use of the incognito tabs on Google Chrome when you are looking for flights. Also, delete the history and the cookies before you compare flights. You must make use of the Google maps. These provide a glimpse at the various flight prices all through the year. Enter your date and destination and you will get all the details.

Go in for a package deal – There are various companies, which offer travel package deals. Everything will be arranged by the company and you will not have to worry about anything. You will be sent various deals and you can choose the one in your budget. If you book everything by yourself, the train, hotel, etc, it will cost you much more. For example, if you are going to Bhopal, the travel agency will include everything in your package- accommodation, food, sightseeing and everything. So, it is always better to let a travel agency plan your trip if you want to save money.

Go with a group – There are a lot of ways in which you can save if you travel with a group. You get to share the room, ditch the hotel bills and have a much better time with a good company.

So, the next time you cancel a trip because you don’t have sufficient balance, try the above tips and save money during your trip. There is always a way in which you can save, be it before the trip or during the trip.

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