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Simple Hollywood Murder Mystery Game Tips For First-Time Hosts

murder mystery game

Let us be honest here; it is not just an excellent game. At these mystery games, people get a lot of questions when it comes to hosting murder mystery games, especially from people who are hosting these events for the first time. For some individuals, hosing comes pretty naturally.

Others like more info and guidance. These game kits are designed to make sure that the host will get all the correct information, as well as steps to ensure their dinner party goes off without any problems. In this article, we included excellent ideas in these tips.

It is imperative to remember that this game is designed to be an interactive mystery game, so these tips are important to the specific styles of Hollywood murder mystery games. Some suggestions may also be crucial to other kinds of murder mystery games.

To know more about these types of games, click here for more details.

How To Host Murder Mystery Dinners?

Plan Dinner Parties

Hosing this kind of party needs no huge event. The most crucial thing is that the event is organized. These downloadable game kits come with guides to creating excellent mystery parties and atmospheres attendees will love. Experts recommend planning one to two weeks beforehand, especially if an individual is hosting in-person events.


Murder Mystery

Characters with various backgrounds, fantasy worlds, or time periods are the most intriguing parts of hosting these events. And it all comes down to picking the right them from the get-go. When the host is choosing their theme, they need to ensure they also consider the interest of the attendees.

Are they fans of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? They can choose a middle-earth-themed or wizarding-theme party. Is this for Halloween parties? Then pick monster-themed parties. People need to make sure the entire event revolves around their theme (decoration, food, acting, and costumes). There are different choices people can choose from.

Decorate The Venue

Party decors are very important when creating the ambiance for the event. People plan how their guests will use the space for these games and how to decorate the area. People can do as much as they want. Pinterest is bursting with good ideas that are worth seeing.

And host should not forget about creating a spot that will be the crime scene, and it doubles up as a clue. People should remember that their decors are all about setting scenes for these murder mystery parties. They want to transport their guests to new worlds or times. They need to make sure to plan things like the best costume awards or music.

Plan The Party Food

Some hosts love to create formal dinner events for the evening. For more interactive mystery games, the best kind of food to serve our spreads and finger foods. Finger foods allow participants to talk and mingle while they eat, which is very important for the game type or style. Another excellent idea is to incorporate potlucks that are themed-inspired. It means that guests alleviate some of the host’s responsibilities from their shoulders and prevent them from cooking last-minute foods.

Starting With A Small Group Of Friends

Smaller games are a lot easier to manage for people hosting them for the first time. A lot of virtual boxed sets need a group of four to eight people, and experts think these are perfect for first-time party hosts. Once they have one party up their belt, they can move on to hosting bigger murder mystery events and groups.

Check out https://www.wikihow.com/Host-a-Murder-Mystery-Party to know more about how to host this kind of event.

Carefully Assign Character Roles

Murder Mystery

Assigning roles is very important. Experts recommend sending out the invites first. Then, hosts need to make a guest list of confirmed individuals, set characters and suggest appropriate costumes. Playing different characters is the most important and most enjoyable part of this affair for guests when assigned characters are close to people’s personalities.

If the individual is a drama queen, the host can give her the role of a movie star from their character sheet. If the attendee is super nosey, they can give him the butler part. Are there guests that are very reserved? The host can give them characters that have quieter roles.

The master of ceremonies should also be aware that the character sheet usually lists the gender of every character in the game. Certain personas are carefully written for a particular gender, while others are listed as gender-neutral. Sometimes, some females act in male roles and vice versa.

This is just fine as long as the master of ceremonies makes all players involved aware. People need to take a lot of time to think about which of their guests is better suited to these roles and avoid a last-minute change. Lastly, the master of ceremonies needs to provide their guests the chance to organize or design the right costume.

They also should not be made to wear costumes, but remind them how fun these events are if they wear one, as well as allow them to decide what they think suits them. They need to remind their guest about this. Use carefully designed invitations to preset costume suggestions.

Lay Out Every Small Detail In The Invites

The master of ceremonies needs to make their invites as detailed as possible. A lot of individuals send out two invitations – an official invitation with assigned personas and an RSVP. In the first invitation, hosts need to give their guests all the details for the event and help them with their characters:

  • Character info booklets or character sheets (including persona descriptions, background, and other associates at the event)
  • Clue cards (A lot of these personas have their secrets that can only be found in these clue cards)
  • Good outfit recommendations
  • Rules and gameplay

Name Tags Are A Must

Either use name tags from the Hollywood murder mystery game kit, make and design your own, or print and cut for the evening. These tags work pretty well, as players can go and search for other attendees. Remember that individuals in the event may not know who is who. Most of them have relationships with attendees provided to them in the background info.

Introduce Individuals Who Need To Know Each Other

Another duty that is very important for the master of ceremonies to do is to introduce characters to attendees. Sometimes, guests will arrive at the event and not know who played with other guests. It is an excellent idea to bring them together before the game starts. Sometimes, this info is in the invitations the master of ceremonies sent beforehand, but they need to avoid confusion. They need to make introductions as early as possible.

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