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Stone Fireplace Surrounds – Take The Ultimate In Style And Beauty

Fireplace made by stone are very attractive and they add a special essence to the beauty of your house.  You can always install a stone fireplace surround to impart a combination look to your interiors, like you can mix and match traditional and contemporary designs. A fireplace surrounded with organic and rustic stones makes your drawing room gorgeous and the entire room exudes a fine elegance. People have a special affection with stone fireplace surrounds and they want to spend sleepless nights with their batter halves in front of an elegant fireplace.

Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Reason for choosing stone fireplace

You may think why stone fireplace surrounds should be chosen for your home instead of any other kind of fireplaces. Stone fireplaces have many benefits and at the same time they add an essence of tradition to the decoration of your house. Advantages of installing stone fireplace in your house are as follows:-

  • These have a long life time and they do not lose their beauty after a short period of time. The attractiveness of stones increases day by day and it makes your room more striking.
  • These fireplace surrounds have a unique look. Stone fireplaces are unique because they are carved by stone masons with their own hands, according to your requirements. Design of one fireplace will never match to other one. In one word stone fireplaces are identical. With the essence of individuality, they can be more beautiful with the touch of an artisan’s hand.
  • The fireplace of stones are not concerned with beauty and appearance, it is also create a spiritual environment. The stones are more ethical than any extracts used to made fireplace.
  • However, when compared to brick fireplaces, stone fireplace surrounds are costlier, and they are also quite difficult to repair when cracks develop all throughout their surface. This is not the case with brick fireplace surrounds, however.

Variety of fireplaces surrounded by stone

The presence of fireplaces create such an ambience in your house, so as to make the environment special so that you should set the fireplace in a proper place and these also complement the interior of your room. The design of the fireplace should match with the decoration of your room; otherwise the beauty of the fireplace gets diminished. At the same time you should select a proper place to set the fireplace; otherwise it will not serve its purpose properly.

Some very common stone fireplace surrounds are as follows:-

  • Natural fossil stone fireplace surrounds
  • Natural stone fireplace surrounds
  • Limestone fireplace surrounds
  • Cast stone fireplace surrounds

The cast stone fireplace surrounds is cheap in price and light in weight but it doesn’t give the same essence as the original stone. Stone surround fireplace has a tendency of collecting dust and it is quite difficult to clean. It has a high market price and if you sell your house in future then you will get a large amount of money. Another thing is that a stone fireplace is a welcome addition to your home and if it is made of original stones then it can include a special value to your welcome area.

 Cost and availability

Installation of stone fireplace surrounds, maintenance, servicing and repairing is not at all difficult. It is very easy although the charge of installing a stone fireplace can be high initially. The price mainly depends on the quality of stone of the fireplace. In one word it is affordable for all type of person. Another thing is that, various types of stones with various colors are present and you can choose stones which are suitable with the texture of your house and various online designs are also available.

If you wish to get a helpful information regarding stone fireplace surrounds. Let’s go to the details and get more helpful information.

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