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Understanding Global Intelligence

The world environment and events are complex. At times, the media do not give you the true picture. There are companies and other government bodies that wish to analyze these international developments so that they effectively can make the right strategic decisions for their development and progress. When it comes to global development and progress, it is very important for you to actually consult a team of professional and skilled global intelligence analysts that will help you in a large manner to understand these events accurately. In the USA there is one such firm called Stratfor Global Intelligence. Today, it stands out for its accurate predictive analyses and reports.

Stratfor Global Intelligence was established in 1996 by George Friedman. Since then it has been helping clients across the globe gain accurate insights into international world events. The team of professional analysts at Stratfor have been in the industry for many years. They are skilled and qualified in providing forecasts that will help you identify challenges and opportunities. The analysts here state that the world events do not take place at random. They are predictive in nature. They give you the true picture and not fabricated versions that are generally predicted by the media.


This firm earns its revenue via two services- first by its online subscriptions that are published by analysts round-the-clock and second, by its customized consulting services. Corporate clients here can opt for the enterprise services where they are able to gain direct access to analysts four times in a year and alerts with regard to global events and international developments.

The firm also gives its esteemed clients access to video conferencing calls where they may discuss global developments and events. The analysts here at Stratfor also give their reputed clients business development support. There are corporate clients who are entering new international markets and they need an accurate insight of that market. The professionals here give them daily, weekly and monthly reports.

When it comes to forecasts, it is very important to ensure that they are accurate. The professionals here at Stratfor understand this and this is the reason why they take the onus of ensuring that they clients get quarterly, annual and decade forecasts. These forecasts are later incorporate into the business plans of their clients. The firm also provides their clients with protective intelligence services. This helps them depict trends and security risks. They also provide information on tactics and the violent groups that may have an adverse impact on the operations of the client in a specific region. Global investors also benefit from the financial analysis of markets that are given to them by these trained and skilled experts.

Therefore, when it comes to global intelligence in the USA and the world, Stratfor Global Intelligence is indeed a tough name to reckon with. It is regarded to be one of the best firms that give accurate predictions to its clients. The analysts are concerned about their clients and this is the reason why they ensure that all their forecasts and predictions are correct!

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