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What You Need To Know About Estate Agents In Wellingborough?

For a majority of property sellers and buyers, the idea of dealing with an estate agent brings forth a lot of apprehension. While some estate agents are reliable, reputable, and genuine (who consider the best interests of their clients as the foremost priority), there is no paucity of unscrupulous agents who exist just to make a quick buck at the expense of their clients. As a property buyer or seller, your responsibility lies in choosing an honest and dependable estate agent. Therefore, mentioned below are some things that you need to know about estate agents before you zero in on one.

estate agents in Wellingborough

The Primary Duties of an Estate Agent

Depending on which side they are working for (buyer or seller), the estate agent functions as an intermediary between seller and buyer as well as assists in completing the sale of a property. Estate agents are offered a commission for their services from their respective clients. While offering services for the property seller, the estate agent is responsible for displaying property details in the multiple listing services of the region, while simultaneously engaging in other aspects such as home staging for marketing the property.

When it comes to residential properties, estate agents in Wellingborough may begin by displaying property details on their personal business website or company website, which depends on whether they are operating independently or as integral members of a realtor firm.

In addition to marketing your property in Wellingborough, the estate agent who lists your home is responsible for following up with other estate agents, who may have clients that might have a genuine interest in your property. Besides, an estate agent is required to negotiate the most optimum deal possible. Estate agents “walk” with you during every step of the way until the property is sold, providing sound advice on all matters, including availing the services of a lawyer or solicitor.

Whom to Choose as Your Estate Agent

Estate agents in Wellingborough can play three roles: as a dual agent, or intermediary for the buyer, and intermediary for the seller. Although estate agents who work for the property buyer or seller lack different credentials, a small percentage of agents opt for playing on a single turf where as double agents may offer their services to both the buyer and seller, earning commissions from both simultaneously.

The Problems Surrounding Estate Agents

While estate agents perform the role of marketing properties, it is a common scenario for them to play up their credentials. After all, the competition is extremely stiff, especially in Wellingborough. While this may be acceptable, some agents resort to blatant lies with regard to their accomplishments, and their clients end up shelling out too much cash for their tall claims.

Therefore, if you want to purchase or sell a property in Wellingborough, ensure that you verify all claims made by prospective estate agents. Always insist on being provided with references. In addition, you need to know how long an estate agent has been in the real estate market.

Finding the right estate agent can eliminate potential hassles and ensure that the procedure of purchasing or selling a property is carried out smoothly.

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