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Why Saving Money Isn’t Always The Best Solution

In times of financial crisis most of us are obsessed with saving money. There are so many articles and tuitions explaining us how to save funds and maximally cut expenses. People find out new and unusual ways which sometimes are funny enough. We count every penny and think that saving money is wise and this is what smart people do. But sometimes a wish to save a few dollars can lead to overspending and wasting funds. Being frugal isn’t always good. To make really smart decisions concerning your finances you should know on which items you can save and when it’s better to be generous and choose more expensive solutions. In this post you will find a few ideas which will help to improve quality of your life and to avoid a waste of money.


Cheap Clothes Don’t Last Long

Today mass market offers us a variety of good looking clothes available by low prices. Of course many consumers like it because they can buy something nice at regular stores. Fashion has become affordable but is it as good as sounds? Most products produced by mass market brands  have relatively low quality and some of them can’t survive even one season. In the end you go back to the store to buy another item. You have to be especially cautious while trying to save on shoes. Always pay attention to quality and buy as good clothing as you can afford because something worthy can last for years.

Shopping on “deal” Websites Doesn’t Help to Save

Sounds funny but sometimes consumers want to save money so much so they don’t notice how they waste it and buy things they don’t need at all. Don’t let saving money become an obsession and before making a purchase consider a few points. At first, do you really need an item you’re going to buy? Did you plan buying it or it’s an impulsive decision? Do you buy something just because it’s on sale? Some people are very proud of cheap things they have bought. They think that using of deal sites proves that they are frugal and make wise financial decisions. Unfortunately, most of purchases made on such websites are no more than a waste of money. Yes, “sale” is a magical word and makes people buy things they don’t need at all.

Skipping Insurance Doesn’t Save You Money

Health is such a thing you can’t buy. Unfortunately, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow and we can’t unsure ourselves. Today you can be sure that everything is good with your health, house and car. But who knows when something can go wrong? Also we can protect ourselves from financial emergencies and that’s why so many people use online personal loans for people with bad credit . Insurance makes you confident about your future and helps to avoid the stress and spending money. Yes, you still feel nervous in case something happens to your health, house or other important things. But insurance helps to minimize and to compensate this stress as much as possible.

Author Credit: Content idea given by Mauneel Desai, founder of Aiden Ventures LLC. He has cross-industry experience in Technology, Investment Management, Financial Services, Higher Education, Academic Research & Healthcare.

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