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7 Trends Interior Designers Are Ditching In 2019

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No matter how excited you are about your new home interior design, chances are that you’ll have enough of it in just few months. The paradox nature of interior designing trends proves that these designs aren’t meant to last long. Moreover, you get excited about the new big Los Angeles interior designer trends coming your way in 2019. There are some designs that experts can’t wait for but first we need to look at the trends which the interior designers of Los Angeles are ditching in 2019.

  • Gallery Walls

It’s time to give up on the 20 piece photo collage on your wall. Rather give it a whopping splash with one huge chunk which leaves a long lasting impression. This year wall full of frames will fail to cast a spell or make a statement and end up getting ignored. Tedious clutter will lead to colorful, impressive and impactful art this year.

  • Industrial kitchens

Industrial kitchens have ruled the hearts of interior design company Los Angeles for a long time. But it seems like this year this old habit will die. So, this year industrial trend has faded so its time you change your cage lighting and high exposed beams and pipes. Industrial kitchens lack the genuineness which the designers desire to create. So, this year make place for plush and opulent hues in your kitchen. Try matte metallic and contrast them with blues and greens.

  • Boho accessories

Boho is literally flipping over this year. This year marcame wall hangings, Moroccan lanterns and wax succulents need a back place now. Yes, the boho trend has died this year and all your batik pillows and rugs are up for your next garage sale.

  • Bronze finished items

It’s been high time since you keep your flashy hardware out of sight. This year you need more of natural wood. Interior designer near me are up for brands with no-bronze body. Going for flashy shades is a big no-no. 2018 was a year for different grey shades but now it is time for deeper colors.

  • Word Art

Word Art trend was a great hype in 2018 but in 2019, it needs to finally stop. Even the words “You can live, laugh and love” don’t belong to your walls anymore. Any text hung on your walls needs to be removed instantly.

  • Millennial pink

It had a very short life, though it went through several variations like rose pink, blush pink, peach pink, etc. But this year people are finally done with it. They no longer want millennial pinks for their rooms.

  • Over the stove microwaves

Microwave over the stove isn’t a good idea. It compromises the ventilation abilities of the vent and you get only 25% venting functionality. And, the height is quite awkward for kids to use. This year under-counter microwaves have gained a lot of fame.  You can also place your microwave below upper cabinets and preserve your counter space at the same time.

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