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A Brief Know-How To The Types Of Food Fats

The human body is constructed in a way that it needs nutrients in the proper quantities and proportion for its optimum functioning. Whenever there is any miscalculation in the intake of nutrients, all sorts of health hazards are experienced by an individual. So is the case with the amount and kind of fat. It is true that the human body requires fats in order to generate energy for carrying out the daily tasks, but that does not refer to just any kind of fat. There are various types of fat, some of which are harmful for the body, while others are helpful. What any lay person needs to do is to understand the difference between the various types and then indulge in it.

Food Fats

The first kind and the most harmful kind of fat is the Saturated Fat. These fats remain in the solid state when they are in the room temperature, and are hence known as ‘solid fats’. Animal products such as red meat, cheese, milk, etc. are the primary sources of this fat while poultry and fish have lesser amounts of them. Foods made with margarine, butter, ghee and the like have a very high constitution of saturated fats in them, as do the palm, coconut oils. The major damage that this does to the body is raising the cholesterol levels which could eventually turn out to be fatal.

A well balanced diet either eliminates the inclusion of such fat containing food, or keeps it at the minimal possible quantity, that is 10%. This is the reason a lot of people like Naman Wakil personally feel that a balanced diet is the way to nourish your body. Initially it may seem to be a tedious job of reading labels of containers, to determine what element is present in how much quantity and then replacing it with healthier options, but once you get into the habit and have your health on the top of your priority list, then it does not remain a hassle any more.

The Trans fat is another kind of fat commonly known, which is changed by a process called hydrogenation. This process increases its shelf life and makes it even harder at room temperature. This again is not very good for your body systems; hence care should be taken in its consumption. It makes pie crusts crispier and flakier and hence is ideal for use. Margarine, chips, cookies are the products which contain considerable amounts of Trans fat.

The unsaturated fat is the one that is helpful in monitoring the cholesterol levels and therefore that could be a healthy alternative in your balanced meal. It is this comprehension of what is good and bad for your body and the according replacement of it in your meals, that Naman Wakil , the certified foodie calls an art. This fat can be further divided into monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. This kind of fat is largely present in Olive oil which is an integral part of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

So before think of switching your diets ingredients, you should start getting into the habit of reading labels and understanding it clearly and then deploying your art of substitution while cooking. This will be your only way of maintaining good health and not letting the fat content increase in your body.

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