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Toll Free Business Number

Non-geographic toll free business number for clients can not only increase business sale calls, but also secures the same number for a business having its offices in multiple locations. A telephone contact number plays a very effective role for every business. Cost free and smooth reach of customers can increase the business growth. Different surveys have proved that having 0800 (Toll-Free) number can increase the customers reach up to 175%.

Toll Free Business Number

Non-geographic numbers do not come with area codes like standard landline numbers. These numbers are of different types and serve their purposes in many different ways. Use of these numbers facilitate the customers and encourage them to call, resulting in a very effective powerful marketing campaign, for example, toll free numbers like 0800 & 0808 will push the customers to pick up their phone and call, because the called party would pay the cost of the call, making it free for the customer, there are certain non-geographic premium rate numbers also that even generate income for the called party.

How it Works?

Called party having a business numbers like 0800 or 0808 pays the cost of call. Usually these types of service providing companies combine the costs into a monthly package. The cost of calls includes the line rent plus the cost of the incoming calls. The calls on these numbers can be routed to both landlines and mobile phones of the choice. There is no need to change the business contact in case business having multiple locations because 0800 or 0808 number stays on top of the contact number and incoming calls to these numbers can be diverted anywhere. Some features of these types of contact numbers are very similar to the standard phone numbers, for example features like Voicemail, welcome message, fax to mail, auto attendant. Some other features, like call monitoring and call recording, can help record the required information with date and time.

Benefits of having a toll free number

Small or growing businesses are highly recommended to have a toll free contact number for their customers, as it increases the credibility image of the business. Due to portability of toll free numbers, location and relocation does not matter much. As we know that these numbers are very easy to remember which means that clients will stay in touch hurdle free.

Having a toll free vanity number like 1-800-Crown, make it much easier for the people to remember than of remembering the numbers. A vanity number is a combination of words and letters. Surveys have proved that businesses having easy to remember vanity 800 numbers in their advertising campaigns results in increasing customers’ access to the business by 25 – 50%.

There are certain benefits of having a professional and cost free business phone number.

  • Powerful marketing tool
  • Carry a professional image
  • Easy and free access to the clients
  • Bring new customers and employees
  • Easy way to solve the issues
  • Helps the small business grow fast
  • Plays key role in customer’s satisfaction

Above all, with a toll free business contact, anyone can call as many times as they want, resulting in producing a more professional and wider image of the business.

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