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Tips For Using Self Storage Units

Self storage can be a godsend gift for people who are either always on the move, or who do not have enough space in their rented apartment. While choosing self storage units can be a task in itself, even more important is how you store your items. If it is your first time using a self storage space, here are some tips to help you avoid some pretty costly mistakes.

Self Storage

Handy tips for self storage:

Invest in plywood:

You should never keep your stuff directly on the floor. You never know when rainwater might seep in, or when snow might build-up outside and find its way in. Use plywood instead to build platforms you could stack your stuff on.

Pack them completely and properly:

You want to make the best use of the storage unit; which essentially means you would be stacking boxes on top of one another. In order to do that without the boxes falling off, make sure you pack them completely and neatly. Use generous amounts of tape. And make sure you label everything. You don’t want to go through all the boxes when you need to pick something at a later date.

There are various ways to label stuff. You could label according to utility, chronologically, or even by room type. It all depends on how you want to organize stuff, even in boxes!

Wrap it up:

You won’t be able to wrap everything. However, wrap whatever you can. Use industrial grade plastic to do so. Doing so ensures termites won’t eat away at your things, and creepy crawlies won’t make your stuff their home.

Insulate material that is susceptible to weather changes:

If you are opting for self storage in a region that experiences extreme weather conditions, you should insulate sensitive stuff properly. This includes your photo albums, vinyl records, and electronic. Double wrapping them in industrial grade plastic should get the job done. You might be better off using bubble wrap for electronic items, to make sure they are not crushed under the weight of things.

Use plastic on the walls and floors:

If you are using self storage to run your makeshift furniture business, or something of that sort, make sure you use plastic on the walls and floors. This is to prevent your spray paint from damaging the unit, which can cost you. All these tips you need to consider while choosing self storage.

Self- Storage

Car storage tips:

Sometimes, you might need a self storage space for your car. Storing your car for long periods of time requires some preparation. Here are some tips to ensure your car keeps running fine even after all those years.

  1. Use an all-weather cover, even when using self-storage. It will protect the car from dust and moisture.
  1. Get your car to a car wash and get it cleaned thoroughly. You might be storing it away for some time, but it is always wise to get rid of dirt, bird dropping, and grease. All of that can damage the aesthetics of your car if left for long. You could even consider giving your car a new coat of wax for added protection.
  1. If you plan to store your car away in self storage for more than a month, you should get the oil changed. Old oil can damage the engine of your car, and you definitely don’t want that.
  1. If you plan to store away your car for more than 30 days, it is also wise to top off your tank. This will prevent build-up of moisture inside the fuel tank. It will also prevent your car seats from drying out. Strange, but true.
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