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Virtual Reality – Areas Of Use

The combination of 3D still images along with life-like sensations in an artificially created world is what virtual reality is all about. This has sort of become the new reality or rather a second reality in which, people are able to do things that may be risky in the actual world. This virtual reality concept is capable of creating something known as immersive environment.

Virtual Reality

This immersive environment is the actual artificial world in which the user feels that he/she is a part of the created surrounding. This could be anything from a whole city to a specific place, to handling some machinery or for that matter even an operating table with a subject on it. The computer gaming is the most influenced with this technology and has thus attracted many people like Bennett J Kireker, who lives in Pismo Beach California and often plays these games as a part of his recreation.

The HMDs or head-mounted displays are one of the most able gadgets used to enter into this virtual world. It gives an almost life-like experience with the user feeling as if he is doing the particular action as he would do it in the real world. There are various areas of the real world which can be greatly benefitted with the inclusion of the virtual reality technology in it.

The education and training sectors will be benefitted the most from the incorporation of this technology into their curriculum. There are several activities in the real life, such as driving, that involve a lot of risk during the training days. In this scenario, the virtual reality technology helps to train the learner at the same time not be subject to any kind of risk as it is not being done in the real world.

Even the aviation industry and the military are hugely helped with the virtual reality CAVEs, where the learner is made to face complex machineries that have a lot of scope for learning yet no penalties for any mishaps. The medical field uses dummy and virtual surgical environments making the practice session of any surgery interesting and completely risk free.

The entertainment and gaming industry, as mentioned earlier is majorly affected and makes the optimum use of this latest technological advancement. Because the experience derived in this involves the user to enter into an artificially created world making the watching of the screen into an experience that they live, Bennett J Kireker and other regular gamers like him must be very thankful to the makers of this.

By creating artificial traumatic stress situations, the military trainees can prepare themselves for the real life post traumatic experiences, and learn how to handle the others and themselves as well. In fact, the virtual reality can be used successfully in helping overcome phobias, by getting one accustomed to the thing that scares them.

The architects and planners of construction companies are also hugely indebted to the virtual reality, because of the ease with which they can visualise their planning. There are still more areas that are to benefit from this incredible concept of Virtual Reality and it is not to late when the real world will be taken over by this.


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