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Build Enterprise Relationships With Stratfor Global Intelligence

Stratfor Global Intelligence is a respected and widely popular geopolitical firm that helps these companies to navigate on complex global issues from different angles. This firm gives clients online content licenses and a complete suite of personalized advisory services. It is the target of this esteemed firm to give its clients actionable insights into world events and situations. This will give them the scope to make strategic decisions to avoid risks and identify opportunities.


Clients who opt for the Stratfor Enterprise Membership are able to receive daily, weekly and monthly analysis for meeting the requirements of investors, busy executives and other fund managers along with academic and military institutions and organizations. The enterprise members will get a number of services from the enterprise portal of Stratfor Global Intelligence. This online portal gives them alerts, forecasting and analysis structured to keep the key stakeholders of the firm informed and aware of the salient geopolitical developments that are taking place across the globe.

There is an extensive delivery of enterprise content from the past week that features diverse insights from the senior analysts of the firm along with guidance for the forthcoming week. The firm has a monthly publication called Stratfor Compass that has been tailor-made to meet the requirements and the needs of business executives for helping them to identify business opportunities and effectively manage risks. This can be done via forecasts and intelligence reports that are concise and actionable. There is also the feature of Premium Research that is provided by the firm in the form of white papers and internal Stratfor analysis.

Members and clients are also given access to quarterly conference calls four times in a year. Here, there is a wide range of relevant topics that are discussed. Besides the above, enterprise members are able to get special updates on breaking news and other events that have the scope to influence business decisions. The advisory engagements also focus on the direct contact with the expert analytical team, strategists and consultants of the firm. They focus on the business objectives of their clients based on project or retainer needs. These expert professionals provide clients with a number of advisory services that include the geopolitical risk assessments to help clients recognize and manage sources of geopolitical risks for certain sectors, regions, opportunities and operations.

Stratfor Global Intelligence also provide strategic planning support for quarterly, annual and decade forecasts. These forecast reports also include scenario planning and includes business plans of clients so that they are able to predict risks and opportunities for transaction and investment decisions. Clients are benefited from these comprehensive reports that support both operators and investors for the evaluation segment of larger investments in both the frontier and the emerging markets.

Stratfor also gives clients support for business development as they extend their corporate interests. It also gives clients the benefits of global intelligence monitoring via its team of experts and other intelligent analysts. This helps them to evaluate emerging global events that are related to their business objectives.

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