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There Is A Lot To Gain From The Business Expertise Of Steven Rindner

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – perhaps these words must have been a motivating factor for eminent business strategist Steven Rindner who is also a passionate athlete, still attached to the sport amidst his busy professional life. Not many people know about this enthusiastic marathon runner who never misses any opportunity to participate in long distance races that have taught him a lot about strategies that are required to become successful. This learning from life together with his formal education and training, he has molded himself into one of the most sought after business strategist in the USA today. He has ventured into every possible areas of business and has been able to give it the right direction and momentum that is necessary for rapid growth that any business enterprise would desire.

Business Expertise Of Steven Rindner

Education and career

The business visionary that he is, had gone to the University of Delaware from where obtained his B.S. degree. St. John’s University School of Law was his next destination from where he earned a JD degree. That the person loves to delve into various subjects and fields can be understood from the choice of streams that he had chosen during his learning years, a habit that he still retains.

Using the platform of education, Steven Rindner did not hesitate to move from one field to another – from a practicing attorney to a corporate lawyer, from working in the area of private equity for almost a decade and then moving over to other areas of marketing, technology, business development and media while working with various companies.  Utilizing his inherent strength in developing strategies for different businesses, he has contributed to the growth of companies of all sizes, from startups to established business houses that include his current assignment with Scout Media Inc as its Chief Strategy Officer.

His earlier assignments include stints with Citigroup’s company in the name of Strategic Alliances, Kastle Systems LLC and the Time Warner group company America Online, having served as Executive / Senior Vice President in these organizations.

The role that he plays

How business has to be driven through acquisitions and mergers, partnerships, innovative marketing ventures and even joint ventures so as to accelerate its pace of growth forms the foundation of strategy making that Steven Rindner relies upon. Besides devising strategies he takes the responsibility to oversee its implementation, monitoring the progress and making suitable modifications whenever necessary so that the momentum is maintained and there is no deviation from the target that has been set.

The sporting spirit

Running marathons have been the learning ground for this successful business management professional. Even during running, he thoughtfully adopted methods and strategies that would enhance his performance on the tracks by keeping him fit and protecting from injuries, which are common to this type of sport.  He makes use of the advanced apps that assist him to monitor the timing more effectively.

Infusing his strategic skills into business, Steven has transformed the fortunes of companies that he has worked with and it is there for all to see.

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