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How To Make Maximum Use Of Last Week Preparations Before JEE 2016

Getting fat pay cheques by working in one of the top companies in the world like Apple and Facebook is a dream come true for most aspiring youngsters with engineering background. This dream becomes almost reality if you hold a degree in IIT, one of the most premiere institute in the world. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination) conducts a standardized exam called JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) for getting into IIT. It is probably one of the toughest exams ever.

Last Week Preparations Before JEE 2016

Preparation and execution

The dream of any engineering student who wants to book the coveted seat in the most prestigious institute IIT is not achievable easily. One has to work extremely hard for completing the extensive syllabus covering the three subjects i.e. mathematics, physics and chemistry. Even after dedicating almost 2 years in preparation, you tend to get jittery on the D-day comes. As the day approaches, and you realize you have only one week left to appear for probably the crucial most examination of your life, getting tensed and panicking is a common feeling among all the students.

Countdown with hooter

For achieving JEE mains 2016 answer key, the last week before the exam is like a hooter or alarm for brushing up your skills. There are several last minute tips & tricks you need to work on for getting your desired result. They are as follows:

  • Practice makes a man perfect

This saying is synonymous to those candidates appearing for JEE 2016. Keep practicing to improve your skill to brush up the portions you are confident about and pay special emphasis on complex topics. As, practice makes even the complex problems look simple.

  • Revision

It is extremely important to revise the subjects, if you want to secure good marks. Prepare a timetable and revise the entire syllabus in an appropriate manner.

  • Brush up important formulae, reactions and theorems

It is extremely beneficial if you could revise them again and again and remember them by heart. During the last minute preparation it is very important as it makes everything easy and makes you confident.

  • Time management

Plan your strategy for JEE main 2016 by practising previous year question papers till the end. This will further improve your time managing capability, as the paper needs to be completed in the stipulated time.

  • Stay confident

Do not indulge in group study or consult any friend of yours at the last moment regarding preparation. Some people are there who are themselves nervous tend to transfer that to others by breaking the confidence level.

Apart from the above tips, you need to eat healthy, sleep well, indulge in meditation and spend some time with your family. These practices will reflect on your mental and physical well being, thus, will increase your concentration power.


The systematic preparation and the dedication will fetch JEE Mains 2016 Answer Key, and you will be able to earn a seat in your desired institute, in spite of it being one of the most difficult exams ever. The probability of you not performing as expected due to anxiousness and pressure at the last minute can’t be ignored. It is not the matter how u have studied in the last 2 years, but it is, how you perform in the exam. Hence, the significance of preparation using the given tips during the last seven days cannot be ruled out.


Be calm and confident about your preparation on the day of exam. Remain positive, concentrate and with a cool brain start writing. All the best! Go crack it.

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