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Will Mchale – On Setting Goals And Examples For The Team

Football is a game that has millions of fans worldwide and while there may be many who may love to watch the game played by legends, many end up being the legends of the game too. Each and every player in a football team has his role carved out for him and this role would be helping him in his career and even in bringing out his best traits. Discipline and agility are as essential as any other trait in this sport and this also brings forth skills of leadership and team building on the forefront.


Will McHale is one such example of a sportsman who spent his early childhood in Old Greenwich and later became a football team captain. He got his schooling in Old Greenwich and after completing it successfully, he did his graduation in Political Science from Pierson. His love for football encouraged and drove him to take football as a career option and then using all his skills and love for the game, he went ahead and became the captain of the Detroit Tigers team. He also has reputation of being a linebacker player of great success with the Notre Dame team.

A captain is a guiding light and it is not just a job on the field of making decisions for others while playing the game alone. Rather, it takes a lot of tact and understanding of the game and along with that, great understanding of the team members and knowing their skill sets to put them to get success for the team. Personal goals and success on one side, a captain also has to work with all the members for the success of the team. So, Will McHale has done all these years and has found that his tactics and his understanding of the team mates as well as the game has led him to success.

It is said that one can become a player any day, but to become a leader or a captain of a successful team, one has to have it in his blood or inculcate it from his family. Having idols in home for getting inspiration is something that this sportsman has been blessed with. His grandfather, John McHale Senior was a famous athlete, a baseball and even a reputed football player. Similarly, his father John McHale has also been an athlete and currently heads the Major League Baseball as its Executive VP. So much of inspiration runs in the family that it is only logical for William or Will McHale gets them all from home.

Skills are definitely something that everyone should develop and Will surely has displayed some of the finest skills during his captaincy and even as a player. It is often essential for everyone in the team to do his best and work towards the success of the team as a whole. This is exactly what William has displayed at all times. Such trait will only help in making sure that the team achieves success again and again in time to come.

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