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Emergence and Evolution of Call Center Industry in India


In the current business scenario, call centers or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms play major roles in the overall performance of business organizations. Several business organizations have been procuring desired business outcomes by availing the services rendered by specialized BPO firms or call centers. As call center outsourcing gained popularity among varied business organizations across the globe, India emerged as one of the most preferred destinations. At present, there is a wide range of BPO firms or call centers in India which are offering services for all types of business organizations. This blog aims at discussing the factors that have paved way to the emergence and evolution of call center industry in India.

Business organizations of all types want to share information about their products and services with their existing as well as prospective customers. This helps businesses in market their brands at reasonable costs. In the era of information technology, it has become increasingly economical for business organizations to carry out information sharing functions primarily because of lower cost of communication. This has paved way for the evolution of call centers or BPO firms.The prime function of call centers or BPO firms is to act as communication medium between a business organization and its customers. Many multinational companies have either started establishing their own business set-ups for their call center operations or they have sub-allocated these tasks to specialized BPO firms or call centers. Recently, India has become one of the most famous destinations among businesses to outsource their call center operations.

There are various factors that have influenced business organizations’ decisions to prefer India over other nations as their preferred destination for conducting call center operations. Some of the most prominent and influential factors are:

Wide range of services: The call centers or BPO firms in India render inbound as well as outbound services for a wide range of business firms, irrespective or their size and business nature, across the globe. The inbound services are focused on enhancing the quality of customers support provisions, including query resolution or complaint handling. The outbound services comprise telemarketing, data verification, lead generation, and/or appointment scheduling.

Large pool of skilled and experienced professionals: India has large pool of skilled and qualified professionals, who can help business organizations in performing several business specific tasks much more conveniently and efficiently. These professionals have relevant experience as well which help business organizations in implementing all their business initiatives effectively, by eliminating all the probabilities of negligence and errors.

Investor-friendly tax structure: The policies formulated and implemented by Indian government regarding the tax structure for BPO firms or call centers are investor-friendly. These financial policies regarding the tax structure include duty free import of capital goods as well as availability of electricity at subsidized rates. This encouragesmultinational companies and business organizations to invest heavily in India for their call center functions.

Cost factor: The cost of setting up call center establishments as well as conducting call center operations in India is far more reasonable than that of many developing or developed nations. Besides this, cheap labor cost has also played major role in influencing the decisions of many multinational companies to prefer call centers or BPO firms in India to outsource their business tasks.

Comprehensive trainings on regular basis: Call centers or BPO firms in India conduct comprehensive trainings for their employees on a regular basis. These professionals are trained to enhance their communication skills, which can guarantee effective conversations with clients or customers. Many call centers even follow the policy of certifications for their employees from outside vendors.

Availability of English-speaking professionals: Most Indians have proficiency in English language. They can read, write and speak in English language. Moreover, their ability to comprehend different accents of people across the world has made them most sought after employees for call center operations. By hiring Indians for conducting call center operations, business organizations can ensure that they have facilitated their customers across the globe with effective communication provisions.

Round-the-clock service provisions: BPO firms in India offer round-the-clock services to its clients. Business organizations can offer uninterrupted services to their customers with the help of round-the-clock service provisions offered by call centers or BPO firms in India. The round-the-clock service provisions from professionally trained and skilled professionals have played major role in scripting the success story of call center industry in India.

All the above mentioned factors have played major roles in shaping the prospects of call centers in India. Business organizations must avail the services rendered by the call centers or BPO firms in India to enhance their operability and profitability.

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