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Stratfor Global Intelligence – Providing An Unbiased Prospective To Geopolitical Issues For Businesses

Geopolitics has an immense influence on the socio-economic development around the world that its repercussions affect both corporate enterprises and individuals.

In the United States, a renowned geopolitical organization gives accurate assessments and valuable insights into complex global issues and situations. Stratfor Global Intelligence is located in Texas, USA and it gives both corporate organizations and individuals an unbiased and accurate assessment of contentious global issues.


In most cases, the electronic and print media focuses much of its attention on random stories, rumors and speculation on such contentious global issues and situations. However, Stratfor Global Intelligence provides an in-depth analysis and critical assessment of the underlining reasons behind such issues and reaction of prominent world leaders.

Global intelligence involves three critical stages. The first stage consists of gathering, accumulating and processing creditable information. The sources providing such creditable information can be open source publication from various countries and in different languages or reliable network of associated contacts.

The second stage of global intelligence includes analyzing and disseminating the vast information collected from various sources. Here, a team of professional analysts critically examines the underlining reasons for the contentious global issues and situations. This is essential to determine how these contentious issues and their subsequent consequences will affect the interests of their clients.

The analysis and dissemination of information at this stage has to be meticulous and unbiased to ensure all the essential elements are highlighted in the proper context. It is only then, a proper critical evaluation of such issues and its repercussions can be conducted and other groundbreaking developments be predicted. The analysts at Stratfor Global Intelligence make an in-depth evaluation of the event or situation to help their clients formulate and implement appropriate strategies.

The third and final stage of global intelligence, the team of expert analysts at Stratfor Global Intelligence use is a methodology that is disciplined. The critical assessment made during this process aims at forecasting why such a situation has occurred, its subsequent consequences and what is likely to happen next. In this particular organization, both geopolitics and intelligence gathering go hand-in-hand continuously. In this global intelligence organization, the senior analysts seek to understand and evaluate the reactions of nations and their leaders to a particular situation or event.

Here, the approach of the organization’s senior analysts is to present an unbiased assessment and fresh perspective to the issues without any preconceived ideas. The approach of this organization is unique and a departure from the traditional judgmental attitude adopted by the media in the West. The analysts in this geopolitical organization maintain high-level of interaction that takes place through rigorous debates within the team. This results in a healthy level of brainstorming where there are no preconceived assumptions.

Stratfor Global Intelligence has a wide clientele that include prominent individuals and corporate enterprises. These clients have access to reports that have an in-depth and accurate assessment of the facts relating to a particular issue, event or situation. These reports are instrumental in formulating and implement appropriate business strategies and decisions in response to such situations. In short, Stratfor Global Intelligence provides an in-depth analysis and assessment of the global issue or situation to bring out the unbiased, accurate and authentic true facts!

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