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Removal Of Contaminants In Just Two Steps With Adya Clarity

Water is an essential source for all human beings. Human beings are too sensitive for the contamination of water. They consume contaminated or hard water as the risk of falling sick is high. The purest water is the water bottled near the source but the water has to take a long way through many cannels and pipes to reach residential over head water tankers. It accumulates all type of bacterial contamination, industrial contamination and unwanted minerals through it flow towards overhead tank. Normal purifiers are not sufficient to clean the impurities existing in this hard water. Over the time, there is an introduction of hi-tech purifiers, which are better than previous versions of purifiers but, nothing can replace the cleaning perfection of Adya Clarity. It is not only for removing the impurities and minerals but also reduces the level of mercury, lead and arsenic. These are hazardous chemicals and non consumable. Knowingly or unknowingly every day we are consuming all these chemicals. Bit By bit it gets deposited in human organs and there is no solution to melt it out. It can’t be excreted hence, remains permanently in our body leading to various deadly diseases. This revolutionary water purifying liquid brings the water to the quality of distilled water free from all disease causing bacteria, unwanted minerals, lead and arsenal.


The process used in this is to neutralize the contamination that takes place in two steps, Deposition and Agglutination. It is a known chemistry that water is combination on two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. When a drop of Adya is added to the bottle containing hard water, immediately the oxygen molecules in the water gets converted into activated oxygen. This activated oxygen burns all the invisible contamination and converts into visible and water insoluble contaminants. This process of two stages of conversion is known as deposition. Now hiding contaminants are right seen in the bottle. Now the water in which visible contaminants are present should go through one more process known as agglutination. This process is to accumulate all the visible contaminants. The accumulation occurs due to the minerals present in this. The process happens due to electron ion function. This forms a thick layer on the top of the bottle and fall out of the solution. This purified water can be used for direct drinking, food preparation or for feeding toddlers. The process looks simple and practical. This has the efforts of many researches and perseverance of scientists.

Types and quantities of Adya Clarity

The Adya Clarity comes in liquid form packed in various containers. Usually bottles are preferable as it is easy to store and use. The bottles are in the quantity of two ounce, sixteen ounce and thirty two ounce. A small family can prefer the small unit where as large families require larger quantities of purifying liquid. Other products of the brand are water filtration system, carbon filter replacement and ceramic filter replacement. Individual products are made for unique purposes. Price for each product is mentioned with the product. If it sounds reasonable for the commitment assured by the product then online bookings are open for enthusiasts. The carbon filter is nothing but the carbon bottom replacement for the adya purifying filter. After ordering the product, the product delivery status can be checked using the delivery confirmation code. Purity of this water is experienced by thousands of people around the world. The product is getting popular gradually because almost all the sources of water on earth are contaminated due to industrial and human activities. This formula may help to purify at least selected sources of water.

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