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Ways To Shift Your Marketing Strategies To Resonate With Millennials

Millennials are the demographic of the United States economy that are most likely to make impulse buy decisions and are most likely to spend their money on things that are unnecessary or trendy. Tapping into the buying power of millennials can help boost sales rapidly and noticeably when done correctly. There are several ways to shift your marketing strategy to resonate with millennials.

Set The Trend

Marketing to millennials requires a business owner to go against their natural instincts. Businesses operate from strategies that are time tested and proven to work. The problem with these models isn’t that they won’t reach millennials, but that the marketing plans that go with them are dated and can seem to be less than authentic. The old method of getting a famous celebrity to hold the product and say how great the product was doesn’t work as great as it once did.

The day has come when a friend refers a product, the referral goes a lot farther towards ringing up a sale. A product that becomes trendy can become trendy because a celebrity enjoys it and endorses it. The difference is that consumers have learned to distinguish between a product being endorsed by a paid celebrity and a product discovered by a celebrity who has stumbled upon a truly useful or novel product. Marketing teams have to find ways to set the trend with their campaigns and get the referrals of the companions of millennials.

Socially Liberal

Any type of marketing strategy that lends itself to judgment or alienation of a particular social demographic is going to reap a whirlwind of social media generated bad press. Alluding to any sort of racism, sexuality bias, or other type of morality-based messaging will prompt swift and unforgiving campaigns against the products being marketed. The idea that bad press is still good press no longer holds true as organizations with agendas exist for the sole purpose of targeting any other organization that speaks against their core beliefs. While it is counterproductive to business goals to alienate any segment of the market base with morality based marketing, it does not mean that a business must condone behaviors that are not within their personal beliefs.

Go Green

The environment is a concern of millennials regardless of your personal views as an organization. Designing products that are harmless to the environment has proven to attract the attention of millennials. With the broad range of communication channels and the availability of information, millennials are able to identify how different products effect the environment. Everything from the wrapper and the chemicals used to make the product itself are part of the environmental equation that must be considered. Companies that are able to produce an environmentally safe product and respect the concerns of millennials despite the interests of their own business, forge a relationship with the spend thrift generation. Politicians must connect with voters and businesses must connect with consumers. Everyone must cater to someone and environmental preservation is one manner of connecting.

The use of software applications and social media is one way of marketing that is environmentally sound. Companies that market through newspapers and mailers will not have the same reach as companies that utilize software and the internet. To reach millennials, you have to go where millennials are. Millennials are on the internet. The internet does not pollute, does not ruin the ozone, and does not cause global warming.

The author, Ray Donato, is a small business owner and consultant in the Central Florida area. As a consultant, Ray is constantly on the lookout for solutions for his clients. For all marketing collateral needs, Ray recommends Quality Sign Designer. To take a look at more of Ray’s recommendations, connect with him via Google+.

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