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A Brief On Fire Prevention Signs- Get Them Installed In Your Workplace

Nowadays, it is common to see various types of warning signs in offices or industrial spaces. The chemical and the electricity signs precaution signs- all acting as a visual alerting devices, providing initial warning to the humans from a potential danger.

fire prevention sign

However, the most popular safety sign is the fire prevention sign because even a small fire can cause massive destruction of life and property.

Some industries owners keep a blind eye on this

Ignoring, the popularity and the regulation set by the local fire department and the town planner, some businesses do not realize the importance of the fire prevention symbols. Although, the safety of employees should be the top most priority, some business owners tend to ignore installing the fire prevention signs in their work-spaces and as they are unaware what these safety signs like do in an emergency.

The rise of fire accidents over the years

Fire accidents are common to hear on television and to read on newspapers. The graph of global fire accidents is going up with an alarming rate. From home to office a fire accident can occur anywhere, but with little precaution measures we abstain or at least lower its effects. As, fire can happen any time, it is really important to install fire safety signs in your building. The Fire alarming signs must be correctly installed on major areas like the emergency door, fire extinguisher glass, stairs, etc, so that they are clearly visible to all to see. This signs can effectively guide the occupants of the workplace or building regarding the location of the safety equipment and can give guidance to the alternative escape route in an emergency.

Moreover, theses signs can communicate important instructions, which usually skip out of the mind of most individual, when the fire smoke starts erupting. These messages are like: do use elevator in case of fire, don’t rush, location of fire door, etc.

Types of fire Safety signs

There are basically two types of fire prevention sign: one is the picture signs with text and the other one is the test only signs. However, both of them are incorporated by the use of standard shapes and colors. Specific colors are used to signify and convey a message. Therefore, it is very important to educate humans on these fire signs. This should be done at the level of government by conducting short fire safety classes in school, colleges, office and residential localities.

The significance of various colors-

Red Means danger and it signals an immediate hazard that can result in death or serious injury.

Orange means warning against a potential hazard.

Yellow means caution and it signals potential accidents that could cause minor injuries.

And, lastly green means information and it is used for firefighting equipment identification like the first aid box and other safety necessities.

Before installing the fire prevention signs in your business or residential spaces, it is very important to go through all the government safety regulations and laws, and most importantly, adhere to them.

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