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Enhance Your Home Improvement Program By Getting Of Sewer Blockage

When you consider serious home improvement programs, you must also concentrate on how to get rid of sewer blockage, which contaminates your surrounding and becomes the fertile ground for the breeding of insects and bacteria.There are two types of sewer systems; firstly, the storm water systems where drains carry rainwater and debris to the city’s sewer line and secondly the sanitary sewers, that flushes out residential waste water.


How can you identify sewer blockage?

  • Difficult to flush toilet
  • Sink or bath empties very slowly
  • Bad smell coming from drains

What are the different ways by which sewer blockage is caused? 

  • Trapped Objects: Grease, food left over, vegetable peels, oils, toilet disposal like tissues, diapers, and wipes. Create stubborn backups, as they don’t flush down completely. Over the time they begin to form a solid plug into the main drain line thus creating a permanent block.
  • Trees and Landscaping Blockages: Roots, leaves, flowers from trees and shrubs are generally drawn into the sewer line through water or during the general cleaning of an area that has trees. You must call in efficient plumbing professionals to scoop out the dry leaves, slumps of grass and other dried parts of a plant.
  • Collapsed Drain Pipes: Old and aging pipe, tree root pressure, and misaligned pipes are the most common causes of collapsed sewer lines. Majorly pipes made of old tar and clay cannot withstand the pressure of dense soil and tree roots, waste from homes over the time.
  • Misaligned Pipe Sections: Poor installation or extreme pressure leads to misaligned and offset joints causing leakage. There can also be clogs in some sections, while the other sections remain free, so the alignment of the pipes needs to be checked, in order to avoid sewer blockage.
  • Clogged Downspout Drains: Rains often channel water and other debris like branches, leaves, nuts, flowers from roofs clogging gutters and main gutter drains. The local sewerage needs to be checked, along with the drain valves and the opening of the pipes.

How to keep your drains clean and flowing? 

  • Bin the toilet waste e.g. diapers, tissue papers, wipes
  • Bin the kitchen wastes like fat and food, vegetable peels
  • Chemicals, engine oils, solvents, and paint will be drained in sewer
  • Medicines, syringes and needles will be externally disposed
  • Regular maintenance and inspections of drains blockages and leakages

Most of the households give out maintenance contracts for sewer cleaning where they are not only cleaned but are check for leakages or any damage.

What are the general sewer cleaning methods? 

  • Hydro Jets drain cleaning is the long-term solution for unblocking a drain due to build up grease, soap, and other residues etc. It is load with a special cleaner with pressurized water mix that clears the blockage and allows the sewer to drain normally. The jet-cleaning nozzle put into the line that flushes the obstruction out of the system. Behind this equipment are rear water jets that scrub the pipe clean resulting in line free of any debris. This method is commonly used for kitchens, building, apartment complexes, hotels etc.
  • Root Cutter is a specialized service requiring equipment that runs a flexible, rotating auger cable down the drain or sewer line comprising a special root cutting blades to remove roots and other debris that clogs the sewer line.

To avoid sewer blockage (home improve) the size of the home’s drain piping should be determined by the amount of flow and the type of waste material flushing out. There can fluctuations in the temperature of a place, and this might result into blocked sewerage and clogging or bursting of pipes.

So We must consult efficient plumbers to unclog your drains and sewer blockage or visit this link to get complete solutions of blocked sewerage and clogging or bursting of pipes.

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