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A Quick Guide On Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

The Ek mukhi rudraksha or the one faced rudraksha is the symbol of ‘Ukar,’ which according to Hindu astrology means depthless, shadow less and formless God hood. According to Hindu belief, it is the Supreme God and Truth of Eternality. It is the creator of the Universe. One who wears the ek mukhi rudraksha has a huge concentration on meditation and attains the philosophy of Lord Shiva. It keeps the mind cool and gives strength to fight against all negativities. It is a symbol of prosperity and one who wears it has all their success in life.

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Mala of Ek mukhi rudraksha

The mala of ek mukhi rudraksha has 108 beads of this rudraksha, which looks like a gram seed. These beads are called ‘chanak’ or ‘boot dnana’ and have only one face. This mala is very influential as it has the power of 108 one faced rudraksha beads. It has the power to change a person’s life who wears it and turn failure to success.

Benefits of wearing ek mukhi rudraksha

If someone wants, they can always opt for ek mukhi rudraksha mala online shopping. But before doing that, one should go to an astrologer and ask for their opinion.

Those who choose to wear this mala will have immense power, confidence, wealth and spiritual enrichment. These beads have an auspicious connection with Lord Shiva and are very powerful. This is the mother of all the other forms of rudraksha beads available.

These beads are ruled by the Sun, and thus, the person who wears it, peace prevails in their life. Those who chant with it every day can have a very peaceful life ahead.

It is beneficial for heath too. It cures eye problems, headaches, heart diseases and improves digestion system by making one’s liver healthier.

It gives power to a person to concentrate more on their work and focus on their studies and life ahead. It is very good for the students, especially for those who are preparing for their higher studies. This is because it brings success where competition is tough.

The power of Lord Shiva enters a person who wears this mala. Thus, one gains immense calmness and can deal with all the negativities that happen in their life. They handle it with a cool mind and come out of the problem with great success.

What to keep in mind when buying this mala?

First of all, ek mukhi rudraksha is a very rare thing. The original ek mukhi rudraksha is a very difficult thing to find. These beads are mainly available in parts of South Asian continent and in Nepal. Before buying, one needs to check its authenticity. Apart from that, it should be kept in mind that this mala should have 108 beads in it. If there is not, then it is of no use.

The ek mukhi rudraksha is the most powerful bead that one can wear. It brings happiness to life.

Author: The author works with Shiv Rattan Kendra and shares some beneficial tips on how to choose an ek mukhi rudraksha and what are the positive things about it.

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