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A Peek Into A Glamorous Hamper

People, who organize social, official or personal events like conferences, anniversaries, birthday parties and their like, have many items to check off their list to make the event a successful one. We all know that the venue, the food and drinks’ menu, the seating arrangement and the decorations are just some of the items to be covered. But there is another important item that not many people think about initially – the return gift! Big or small, customised or generic, nostalgic or run-of-the mill – the gift may be of any type, but most people now-a-days do prefer to give something to their guests who attended the event.

hamper gifts in UK

There is one highly publicized event that takes place every single year. People are glued to their televisions, laptops or smart phones when the event takes place because they don’t want to miss a single moment of it. We are sure that people all over the world find it as glamorous as the country in which the event is hosted. The event being discussed here is the Academy Awards’ ceremony, popularly known as the Oscar’s Awards. So why are we talking about Oscars in terms right after we talk about return gifts? Well, the celebrities and other famous personalities are also handed a special hamper, much like a thank you present that we give! Here’s a list of some of the popular items that are included in this enviable hamper!

Perfumes and deodorants – The stars like to smell fresh as much as we do, even more so! Popular brands include a couple of their deodorants, for men and women, in the recent hampers issued at the Oscar Awards.

Tour vouchers – Specifically for the celebrities, there are certain hikes, treks or camps organized by certain companies and vouchers for these are included in the hamper. These are much, much different from the outdoor activities that we are used to because they all have a touch of glamour to them, even the bathroom facilities!

Pet Food – Yes, you read that right! There are so many celebrities who adopt animals, donate generously to animal shelters and actively promote their adoption. Including something special for our animal friends in the hamper is a noble gesture indeed!

Footwear – Fancy, stylised high heels or flip flops – take your pick and a pair of outstanding footwear has also included in some of these special hampers.

Watches – Fancy gadgets that almost everybody uses, including these add a touch of elegance because most of the reputed brands that manufacture watches set a lot of emphasis on chromes, leather, precious metals and stones on the face of the watch and the way the entire watch looks. Men and women watches are popular in this category.

Clothing items – Tops, shirts, lingerie, accessories like kerchiefs and cravats – these are just some of the examples of clothing items that are included in the gift hamper.

These are a lot of other items included in the hamper, most of them mischievous! Snacks like pretzels and candies, mouth fresheners, vouchers for palmistry sessions… well, the list goes on, and so does the mystery of what the next year’s hamper will contain! May you next hamper gifts in UK or anywhere else be as exotic as this!

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