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The Qualities Of Good All-Round Merchandise


To be involved in fashion merchandising, you must have an understanding of the design, manufacturing, buying, selling and distribution of goods with knowledge about the target consumer. This means not just knowing what’s popular now, but staying ahead of the fashion curve and correctly predicting what will sell well in the near future. This entails analyzing trends and being educated in textiles, fabrics and colors, as well as production processes and market demands. Most of the market and installments have moved towards the digital embracement.

People have slowly understood the power of internet and the wide reach of audience through it. Great merchandising entails having what the customer wants to buy, at the time they want to buy it, at the price they want to pay for it, and in a way, they want to purchase it. The way in which customers want to purchase products has changed dramatically. Merchandising a store correctly deals so much with pricing, but there aren’t set formulas. In case you’re interested you could check here. The basic rule is that the higher the price, the slower the rate of sale. However, this rule may not be true for your store, and you need to experiment to find out what pricing rules apply.

What Distinguishes Us from Them?

Ninety days’ inventory cycle is a base line to evaluate merchandising, because seasons are three months long and consumption habits for specialty items follow seasonal trends. This may change if you’re a big, high-volume store that needs only about two weeks of merchandise at any given time. But if you’re a specialty retailer, you should carry three months’ worth. In terms of how much merchandise you need to turn a profit, get to know the open to thrive strategy. This particular quality distinguishes us from the rest of competitors. In fashion, the high and low-end merchandise is referred to as the throw-away merchandise. Retailers don’t necessarily sell it, but this merchandise makes everything else look good.

Customers used to be satisfied with simply touching and feeling merchandise. Today’s customer has been trained to interact. All are praising high about our new introduction of No Face clothing design that quickly snaps any passing eye with attention focused towards you. While merchandising has everything to do with the products you sell; it has even more to do with the customer who is buying your products. And it’s not just the demographics that are important; it’s the psychographics, or what some call lifestyle marketing. Our designs and drawings embedded in the clothes will keep you one step ahead of the other retailers.

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