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What Is The Best Way To Sell Diamonds?

Precious gems have always been sought for their beauty and status. Diamonds are among the most precious gems and it is widely considered as a declaration of love, usually used in engagement and wedding rings. The value of a diamond will be less than the initial selling price but much of their reselling value is maintained. Many of the places that buy diamonds from the public can also be where to buy diamonds at a good price. The merchandise they receive ranges in quality and price, allowing a range of diamonds jewelry to choose from, many of them vintage pieces. 

Sell Diamonds

If you are in the market to sell your diamonds or if you need to know where to buy diamonds at the same time, here are a few ideas that can help you to get the most out of your sale. 


Since the initial price of the diamond jewelry or the insured value does not equate to the amount of money you would receive reselling it, an appraiser is required. In order to know the real value of an item, a trusted appraiser of diamonds should be found. To find a trusted appraiser, look for one with a good reputation and with years of experience. Getting multiple appraisals is ideal to ensure that you do not undervalue your precious gems. 

Look at your options 

There are a few options to consider before entering the seller’s market. There are two main options to consider which are private sales to the public or selling to a reputable diamond dealer. Choosing a private seller is not just about getting the most value for your diamond but also trustworthiness. With all the scams out there, you need to be sure that you will not be taken for a ride. 

How quickly you need to sell your diamond jewelry is another concern that consider. A public sale will usually take longer, especially if priced fairly. Selling to a local dealer can help to speed the selling process up although you might not get the absolute most you could get. They have to make a profit from the purchase and have various costs to cover. 

Another alternative is to sell your jewelry on consignment. The dealer or shop will help to sell the piece at a good price but will take between 25 and 45 percent of the profit.

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