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Hire A Best Wedding Florist For Your Wedding Day

Gorgeous flower arrangements are an essential part of beautiful D-day settings. Wedding magazines and look-guides are full of impeccable floral arrangements that enhance the beauty of the ceremony itself. However, there are many prospective brides and grooms out there who contemplate going the DIY route, instead of hiring an expensive florist to do the job.hire a florist

If you are planning to go the DIY route too, here are some things that you should consider:

1) It is not just about creative talent: 

You may have all the ideas in your head when it comes to wedding flower arrangements, but all that will amount to nothing if the execution isn’t right. A wedding florist has the necessary experience to make sure that all the ideas are translated beautifully.

2) There is logistics to be taken care of: 

If you put the flowers at the venue too early, even when there is an air-conditioned room, they will wilt. Make it too late and you might not get the arrangements complete. A florist is responsible for the logistics part of it as well. Florists have cold vans for transporting the flowers, making sure that they remain crisp and gorgeous. Ideally, flower arrangements should be done not more than two hours prior to the wedding, with the bride bouquet arranged about half an hour before the photography session starts.

3) There can be last minute changes: 

Sometimes, the flowers that you ordered may not be available. In such a case, you have to go with the plan B. However, since it is your wedding, you might not have time to figure out a plan B, which can lead to frayed nerves. A good florist will always have a plan B in place, which will still be in sync with your setting.

If you think that you can handle all that, you can go for the DIY route by all means. However, if you have decided to hire a florist for you big day,

There are some essential tips for selecting the right florist for your wedding:

  • Ask for photographs or live examples 

Before you hire a florist, always ask for examples of previous work. It could be a wedding that is underway, or photographs of previous ceremonies they have undertaken.

  • Decide a budget, and get diagrams 

Make sure that you decide on a budget before you commence work. It is the florist’s headache to make things work within that budget. It is also important to get comprehensive diagrams from the florist of the arrangements and the bouquets. With diagrams, it is always easier to resolve contentious issues at a later stage.

  • Ask for plan B 

Sometimes, flowers that you wish might not be available at the last minute. In such a case, the florist is at his/her discretion to figure out the best alternative. However, it is good if the florist can share a plan B beforehand, at least in terms of color.

  • Check how many weddings is the florist handling on the same day 

Usually, one or two weddings a day is fine. However, if the florist has too many commitments, it should ring a bell. Often, florists with too much on their plate can’t give each project the desired attention, which can affect your plans.

  • Get the extras out of the way 

Very often, florists will quote for labor charges and flowers themselves. However, on the day, you might need to pay for delivery, set-up, and pick-up of rented items. Before you hire someone, clear the confusing issue of extras to avoid last minute surprises.

It is better to go for some trained and reputed wedding florist who can really help you to make your special occasion memorable and stylish at the same time. So you need to consult friends, or search through the internet to get an idea about online florist.

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