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What Do I Need To Know About Boyfriend Jeans?

When it comes to the concept, nothing is simpler than boyfriend jeans, but when you are looking to throw a pair on yourself, things get a little more complicated! The term is pulled from the practice of swiping your boyfriend’s jeans to wear around, and people from the stars on down have taken advantage of it. However, jeans that are marked under this term are a lot more subtle than you might think, and they have a lot more to offer than simply being roomy!


In the first place, boyfriend jeans are relaxed in terms of tone. Unlike skinny jeans, which cling in ever spot, these jeans are well-fitted but not tight. However, contrary to what the marketing says, they are not loose either!

Make no mistake, these jeans are not designed for men. Men’s designer jeans are typically cut straight down from the hip. When most women try to wear them, it causes strain across the widest part of the hip or unattractive bunching around a narrower waist. In some cases, both of these things happen.

These jeans, on the other hand, are cut nearly straight down from the widest point of the hip. That means that an ideal pair of these jeans fits you very well through the waist, the hip and the rear. As a matter of fact, these jeans can do wonderful things for your figure simply by clinging here and being loose elsewhere.

The jeans are cut in such a way as they are a little clingy around the hips, but as they fall down your legs, they are more loose, allowing a little more wrinkling to form across the thighs. It is important to remember that these jeans are a little tapered, meaning that they will not leave you looking as if you are wearing palazzo pants. They should lightly skim the leg, but otherwise they will not be baggy.

When you want to wear boyfriend jeans, consider rolling up the legs for a fun informal look. This goes well with sandals or even your favorite pair of pretty flats. Some women tuck the the jeans into a pair of boots for a warm winter style, but this tends to work best for women who have less curvy hips. You also can’t go wrong by matching them with a pair of handsome black tie shoes, the heavier, the better!

If you are looking to try on a pair of these jeans, the first thing you will realize is that they are comfortable. In addition to be stylish, these should be a pair of jeans that is a relief to put on. This makes them a little less perfect for dressier occasions, but when you want a fun and flirty look, this is the right choice for you.

When you love the perfect combination of style and comfort, of sexy and cute, throw on a pair of the most fashionable and flirty jeans around. This is a perfect choice for a night in or an afternoon out!

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