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Main Elements Of Every Online Store

Online Store

Are you thinking of selling online? In addition to studying what the competition does (we include at the end of the post a template with the criteria that you must analyze from your competitors) you should know what are the main elements that you have to include in your online store:


It must include the logo and the name of the company clearly visible at the top a clear example is xxxtentacion Merch.

Product Catalog

To make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, it should be divided into categories and subcategories. Each product must have a file where its functionalities are explained, as well as images and / or videos. In addition, it is convenient to offer a ranking of the best-selling, most recommended products, on sale, etc.

Registration (Optional) and User Area

It is important that registration is an option for the user, and not an obligation, as well as requesting the least amount of data possible. The private area helps the customer to access information regarding their business relationship with our store.

Search Engine

Users like to quickly find the products they want through a good search engine. Knowing what users are looking for is key to knowing what our potential customer’s demand and thus improving our offer.

Cart and Purchase Process

It is very important that the user is always informed of the moment of the purchase in which he is, as well as the number of steps that remain to be taken. The purchase process should be as simple and short as possible.

The policy of Deliveries and Returns

If our store offers physical products, it is essential to detail the delivery times and the returns system. Users are given security and quality assurance to know that they can return a product they buy online.

Logistics, Shipping Costs and Taxation

The online store must have a module that automatically applies, during the purchase process, the corresponding taxes (VAT) and that calculates the shipping costs based on the size and weight of the products.

Promotion Systems and Offers

In order to retain our customers, it is convenient to have a module to make offers, discounts, promotions, vouchers, etc.

Users increasingly value good customer service that includes a telephone number and address to contact as well as an online chat to resolve their doubts or incidents.

Corporate Information, Legal Notice and Terms and Conditions

All web pages, not only online stores, that request data from users must include a legal notice, conditions of use, as well as clear and detailed corporate information where data such as who we are and where we are included. It generates confidence in the user to see the “faces” of the company and the “map” of the location of the business, when there is a physical office and online Kids See Ghost Merch.

As we told you at the beginning, in addition to studying the elements that the online store should have, it is convenient to thoroughly review the competitor’s websites to make up for their deficiencies and copy what they are developing well. To do so, a template of this type can serve as a guide where we can include the following comparative criteria:

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